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Immerse yourself in the beauty of this German national park, boasting photo-realistic environments and intense workout potential

I think we can all agree that at one point in our lives, we’ve thought to ourselves, ‘I’d just love to explore the specific German park Berchtesgadenand burn some calories while I do so.’ Well, for most of us, going to a park in Germany, or anywhere that’s not round the corner, requires a bit of funding and, most importantly… time.

Thankfully, ICAROS has found a solution to your problem. If you’re wanting to experience the beauty of real landscapes and amazing scenery without even having to leave your house, then you can choose from a range of forward-thinking products and an even greater range of immersive games and experiences.

Berchtesgaden in VR lets you explore the countryside in any way you want, and in different ways to just looking at breathtaking alpine scenery, majestic mountain peaks, or a fascinating under water world. You put on your wingsuit, jump off majestic peaks and challenge yourself with the in-game modes to combine fitness enhancements with virtual fulfilment.

ICAROS has recently released these jaw-droppingly engaging virtual experiences in combination with some of the most cutting-edge machine builds I’ve ever witnessed. From AI learning software to experiences like the one we’re covering today, ICAROS aims to create exciting fitness experiences, helping you harness new ways of working out, improving cardiovascular health, and aiding you to obtain perfect body control.

From challenging Parcours to reactive difficulty levels, let’s break down how ICAROS uses its forward-thinking sense of innovation to unlock your fitness potential.

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  • Photo-realistic art assets
  • Expansive nav-mesh (large play area)
  • Low Ping responsiveness
  • Multi-Device Compatability
  • 3D lighting
  • Headtracking
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  • Sprawling map
  • Incredibly detailed and accurate scenery
  • Replayability
  • Dynamic exploration
  • In-Game modes
  • Difficulty variation
ICAROS GAMES - Berchtesgaden - screenshot of a lake

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Pros and Cons

  • Sensitive and precise reactivity, heightening responsive feel
  • Immersive graphics (room for improvement) with detailed map dimensions
  • Free moving to help target muscle groups with precision
  • Varying temporal length for personal preference
  • Questionable ”photorealism”
  • No interactivity

Overall Verdict:

Another top entry from ICAROS, and a brilliant overall, all-round virtual experience. Being able to explore freely or through directed challenges worked very well for my overall engagement levels, and given the specific and finer muscle targeting of various control methods, I felt it worthwhile for my fitness progression too. I personally am trying to increase core strength with activities like this. So, think for yourself – every time you make a tiny twisting movement, you’re targeting different muscle groups, but in most cases, you’re utilising your core. Twisting, turning, banking; your core will always benefit from these kinds of moves, so if you can combine them with an immersive and entertaining experience, then you’re not only making a good purchase, you’re improving your fitness lifestyle in new and exciting ways.

My overall verdict is that if you want something to excite the whole family, besides hunting enemy submarines or battling aerial pirates, then you’ve got a nice replayable experience that you can talk amongst other users about, every single time. From the immersive feel to the learning qualities r.e. geography, in summary, you’ll be experiencing majestic mountain peaks, be able to explore photo-realistic environments, and engage in a breathtaking flight to feel more than human, all to better your fitness lifestyle.

Incredible stuff.

What I Liked About This VR Software

Other than the responsiveness of the software, general forward-thinking approach to fitness, and uncanny attention to environmental dimensions, the wider thinking and accessibility of this game just brings more and more trainers to its attention. For example, because of the wider compatibility of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift VR devices, ICAROS is clearly valuing a shared experience here. Unlike Apple, for example, ICAROS wants users to realise the benefits of games like this one, unrestricted by device type and exclusive tech. This says a lot about the company, and the care given to crafting the Berchtesgaden national park clearly demonstrates this eagerness to please as many as possible.

I loved how this game also complements the others. What I mean by this is that so many of the games are varied and broad, and because of this, a more relaxing exploration game can be great for user satisfaction. Taking a break from experiences that centre more around pursuit and conflict is a great way to keep your cognition and physical engagement dynamic and fresh. And through having multiple in-game modes this also helps you to get the most out of that dynamism, making sure that the concept is expanded on and you’re benefitting in a physical sense as much as possible from one, single game.

Lastly, the incredibly immersive VR-Experience was realised in cooperation with 3D Realitymaps. The result? A sprawling and accurate recreation of the designated zone. With this level of detail, and partnership with a company that has massive amounts of geographical data, you get access to more than just exploration As you discover landmarks and POI you get info on the specific landmarks. With lake Konigssee, for example, you uncover details such as size, volume, and max depth. While this may seem trivial, for me it really helped connect me to the landscape, added value in a surprising way, and helped me to come away with more than just an effective workout.

Things That Could Have Been Better

Despite being able to explore stunning locations, target core muscles rarely met muscle groups, and increase flexibility, there were some letdowns with the experience. They say that graphics don’t make a game, and while that’s true, I just feel that my suspension of belief wasn’t quite capitalised on. Simply, it’s hard for something to feel realistic and immersive if you can see through the cracks. For some, this isn’t much of a problem, but with the advancements in gaming across the board and the improvements in graphics that followed, I just feel like this game is a little behind the times.

One of the main problems here is that ICAROs boast photo-realistic graphics. While some of the properties may be true, i.e lighting, textures of some assets and so on, overall, I feel like it’s a risky thing to highlight. To top this, as some users have agreed with other software, it feels like there could be more modes too. I’d love to see some trickier challenges for something that pushes the boundaries of what these machines can do, instead of games that touch the surface. However, I have to admit that this is a design choice, and these experiences are very much suited for a more relaxed style of workout.

A great game with brilliant detail and addicting feel.


How do I subscribe to ICAROS newsletter

Just head to their website to subscribe. You’ll find development info, updates, and all sorts of details on touring a breathtaking virtual world. ICAROS plans on providing much more than allowing you to explore photo realisitc environments or breathtaking alpine scenery so be sure to check in, subscribe and stay up to date with all that ICAROS have to offer in the future.

What do different gaming modes provide?

What can game modes do to things like a spectacular vertical free fall? Besides exploring the park berchtesgaden in vr, having two gaming modes for example, can add difficulty, varying input, and enjoyment, expand on user type and satisfaction, and generally add a certain sense of breadth for you. Having modes in the fitness world is especially important in order to appeal to different kinds of trainers, accommodate different ailments and issues, and ensure that all you can do with a product is done.

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