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Aim for the highscore and choose between modes from one up to three minutes.

Optimized for newbies, this flight simulator takes another set forward in coming to your very own device. With brilliant graphics (almost), an amazing feel and beautiful scenery to explore, you won’t be short of burning calories and having fun. I want to take you through a small and short world of expanding on your fitness and being a part of a propelling fitness movement.

The future is here with VR technology, and if you haven’t read about any of the ICAROS users enjoying an ICAROS game, then I’m here to tell you first-hand. Tell you what? Exactly what I’m going to tell you. This ICAROS game includes games design that encourages perfect body control. In fact, so many virtual reality games with the ICAROS machines and hardware encourage these things. From breathtaking alpine scenery to a breathtaking virtual world all round, games like flight encourage a new way of working out.

But with other experiences offering a fascinating under water world and other entertaining active VR experiences, spectacular free fall and other upper body strength experiences, what makes AIM so good?

AIM is so good because it offers a unique way of working out. It targets muscle groups like no other and lets you create exciting memories while flying through the air. Different muscle groups? Yes, different muscle groups. Things like core strength, overall flexibility and so forth. Virtual worlds have so much to offer, and AIM is the best of the bunch for challenging your body whilst also giving you fun.

In fact, while AIM gives you fitness solutions in a bespoke ICAROS way, this experience is a little more on the fun side, than the fitness side. So let’s break down this fun experience and have some fun on the way.

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  • HD Graphics
  • Low Ping
  • Multi-Application
  • Multi-Device Compatibility
  • High-resolution scanning
ICAROS GAMES - AIM - game screenshot


Ring checkpoint mode

An incredibly dynamic and fixed mode, you can fly through rings that act as checkpoints and try to aim for the high score. This kind of game demands that you move your body or head in great control with great precision. You need to line yourself up so you can move through these rings and aim for the highest score. It’s a classic mode in gaming, and because you’re in the virtual world, completely wrapped in the environment, you can really immerse yourself and aim up very well.

Multi-layered score system

What’s better than a scoring system? A multi-tiered one. When it comes to brilliantly designed scoring systems, at least with ICAROS, this exergame takes the lead. It expands on what’s already there, a circle, and creates more circles with different points around a main one. These circles just get better and better. With the smaller circles comes better upper body precision. You need to aim for the smaller ones in order to score the highest.

Brilliant landscape design

Just look at it! It’s absolutely… fine. I love the design in reality due to the overall feel and feel it is genuinely brilliant, but at the same time, it seems to be missing some obvious stuff. Birds, weather changes etc, all the obvious stuff you find in other games, you could be finding them here. That said, if you enjoy really nicely coloured, delicately textured and varied landscape features, then this is for you.

Cutting edge-looking plane

I love the plane design. It’s great. there’s a reasonable amount of thought that’s gone into this, and I’m pleased to see it. Forget underwater worlds for a second, flying high in a brilliant vehicle is exactly what we all want… especially when it comes to fitness solutions. With total immersion, ICAROS do a great job of making me feel like I’m there, there in real life and there to succeed.

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Pros and Cons

  • Simple game, effective workout
  • Nice landscape
  • Great attention to flight mechanics
  • Multi hardware usage
  • Looks good
  • Graphical fidelity
  • Limited mechanics

Overall Verdict:

Another pretty familiar entry to the ICAROS family of games, AIM is pretty damn good and will certainly hold your interest. If you want to feel like you’re improving fitness levels, even if you want to race sharks, then you can with these kinds of games. Forget dragon game for a moment, challenging parcours is brilliant and will really demand a little extra from your body movement. Even without two gaming modes, you get a lot out of this. From the sweeping landscape to the exergame style all round you’ll feel the wind in your hair… even if just for a moment.

You don’t have to fight aerial pirates to feel like you’re engaged in an exciting experience. Or even join in with multiplayer races. It’s simple – surround people in virtual prowess, give them a way to stay fit and improve mental health, and they will.

What I Liked About This VR Software

I seriously like what ICAROS has done with the scoring system. I love that I have to focus on aligning parts of my body with precision to score the high score, otherwise, I’m left for dust. This not only adds to the challenge but makes me feel great too. Forget enemy submarines and wider gaming scenarios it challenges my physical performance to achieve mental and physical reward – brilliant. And with difficulty level essentially built into the main game, I love how replayable it is without having some extra modes. While that would be lovely, you just don’t need it if you’re a fan of this game. With various VR headsets being compatible, you can rely on easy access, easy to achieve games. We can really hedge our bets on the fact we can change headsets or use other devices and still be able to aim for the high score here.

From manta rays and battle ships to scenery and flying, ICAROS have done it again. Forget a spectacular vertical free fall, AIM is a step in the right direction for intense workouts without difficulty levels or too many machine settings. I love how simple and to the point it is, with a focus on relaxing challenges as the crux.

Things That Could Have Been Better

I don’t really like that the game is a little one-sided. While simplicity is great, and what’s present is generally good, I don’t like the lack of variety, really. Yes, the circles to aim for are great in offering an objective and possible task. But in reality, there’s a sense of having to do the same thing over and over, and if that thing was original or addictive, then okay, fair enough, but right now, with AIM, I’m not sure we’ve hit the nail on the head.

I also don’t like the lack of fidelity, it doesn’t feel like a far cry from the other flying sims with similar terrain, so I’m unsure as to why it looks so… lesser. Either way, it’s not an issue so don’t worry. I don’t like that this game requires perfect body control, either. I mean, it’s not necessarily perfect, but you do need to be good if you want a high score therefore, you need to really harness every single bit of accuracy and bodily control in order to do it. Yes, this game is optimised for newbies, but if you struggle with this particular skill set, then you might be a little put-off.

One last thing? I don’t like that it’s up to three minutes. It’s a little short, and stop-start can be bad for fitness levels, or at least not very good if you don’t want it. It’s bad because it means your focus might be breaking, and you won’t be nearing any fitness threshold at which you’ll need to break anyway.


Why did ICAROS choose getting you to explore underwater worlds?

Underwater worlds are just one example of interesting scenes that you can explore in the library. It’s been chosen for its uniqueness and immersive feel, let alone the way it can provide new challenges. A glacier landscape may make you avoid the terrain, and an underwater scene lets you avoid sharks, and that’s important.

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