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Introduction to the ICAROS Pro Commercial – Virtual Reality Fitness Equipment

You may know the story of Jacob’s ladder, or maybe you’ve even climbed one at your local adventure park. In short, the more you climb, the bigger the gap between each rung. Technology can feel like this too. Except, when you reach that final rung of a tech ladder, you don’t need to wonder where to go next…

  • You immerse yourself in what the peak position has to offer.

The prize at the top of this ladder? The brand new ICAROS Pro Commercial machine. This release is one of the most advanced examples of exercise equipment in existence. By climbing through ICAROS’ product range, growing in elation with each review, I can successfully say that the quintessential, apex product has reached the market.

From virtual worlds to total immersion, physical training effects to holistic device compatibility, the future of exercise is integrated, with you, with your fitness potential. ICAROS knew this from the start, and while traditional training equipment is great, to truly get a step ahead, to be part of the few that discover the fitness technology of the future, you should be eager to carry on reading.

In this review, we’ll be breaking down just how advanced technology can advance your fitness lifestyle for decades to come. With a firm position in providing fitness equipment to last, gear that exceeds all expectations, and fitness solutions that you couldn’t dream of, ICAROS wants to blow you away, so let’s see why it should reach your front door too.

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  • Steel construction
  • White powder-coated finish
  • Gyroscopic central slider
  • User size 140cm -200cm (4ft 6″ – 6ft 6″)
  • Recommended age of user 14 years
  • User weight 17.5 stone (110kg)
  • Size-Footprint of unit  L x 176cm W x 98cm H x 133cm (69.3” x 38.5” x 52.3”)
  • Ideal installation space 1.5m x 2.5m (4ft 9″ x 8ft 2″)
  • Product weight 120kg


  • Designed for gyms, therapy centres and hotels
  • No power source required
  • Small footprint, low maintenance
  • Semi circle slider acts like a gyroscope and has an adjustable resistance mechanism
  • Easily adjustable foot and armrests to accommodate all size users
  • ICAROS experiences are released for Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift S, HTC VivePro & Valve Index VR. All these headsets require a cable link to a suitable PC.
  • Oculus 1 & 2 can only play the games linked to a PC, however future compatibility with these headsets cannot be guaranteed
  • Optional Tablet Holder allows for the use of Tablets and Smartphones connected to the ICAROS app providing a multitude of games and experiences
  • ICAROS Controller
  • User manual
  • Recommended minimum age 14 years


  • No console. Games played through VR headsets or Tablet, Smartphones, or Monitors when using the ICAROS App


Pros and Cons

  • Innovative approach to targeting different muscle groups
  • Great range of device compatibility
  • Multiplayer enhancement for added motivation
  • Superb VR headset for exclusive fitness immersion
  • Constantly updating experiences for product life span
  • No console
  • White only finish

Overall Verdict:

The apex machine is realised. There’s so much I can get into here, from the low footprint to the power of the ICAROS controller, but I want to focus on a few things loosely and then get into the nitty-gritty in the next section.

The first word that comes to mind is shock. Shock at how this machine accommodates by position, shock at how the overall adjustability is fluid and hassle-free, shock at how the programme variation kept me going for hours… this machine is a glimpse at the versatility of future gear.

And I can’t get enough of it.

The full body workout potential combined with the programmes and experience variation truly makes this machine one for the collection. It allows me to burn calories, target muscle groups in new ways, and keeps me entertained while I’m doing so. Exercise benefits like this can only be found on the ICAROS Pro Commercial – why? Because you’ll only find the specific and superior combination of fitness solutions on this machine.


My overall verdict is obvious – this machine combines all of the current tech trends, trends that most of us know and love, with a scientifically proven superior method of working out in certain ways to bring you what’s essentially a culmination of cutting-edge thinking. The best of the best when it comes to minds behind ICAROS, and if you’re worried about the price tag, don’t be, because this machine keeps on getting better and better, literally.

What I Liked About This VR Exercise Equipment

ICAROS create exciting experiences with a fresh outlook on immersion. And because of the ever-updating games, you literally get more for your money over the course of its long life span. This kind of updating experience gets me really excited – products depreciate and fast, but not the ICAROS Pro Commercial.

To complement this release’s long life span, this ICAROS machine is suitable for a wide range of applications. From therapy to entertainment, this entry is designed for gyms, therapy centres and hotels. Brilliant. And with easy adjustability and a broad range of experiences, you can be sure of catering to many types of user. But no matter the user, everybody will love to explore parts of this machine. From experiences like deep, aim and flight, you really get to experience the variation that immersion on this machine can offer. And that’s just a few of the experiences included.

Immersion like this helps me to forget about injury, exertion, and a range of different fitness downsides. Because it’s therapeutic and can account for my injuries in a way that’s accommodating, I can’t get enough of the way this machine helps with my movements. But even without injury, I don’t feel like I’m working hard, I feel like I’m having fun, and if I can do both without realising it, then that’s a massive box ticked for me.

To round off what I loved the most about this machine, I have to mention the ICAROS App. This application is a wonderful extension of what ICAROS has created, and it’s the enhancement to an already enhancement-ridden machine that you need to get the most out of it. Fun, Motivation, and Competition Improve your balancing skills in virtual ski rides, boost your reaction in epic space battles, or build muscles and increase your fitness while chasing down prey as a Velociraptor. Doesn’t that sound like a good way to work out? I’d be surprised if you didn’t think so.

Things That Could Have Been Better

Not many points in this section you’ll be pleased to hear. I loved the way it felt, the way it taught me how to work out in a new way, and so on. But I suppose if I have to highlight some negatives, then I should…

Despite the low footprint, this machine is still better suited for professional or gym environments. It can just be a little bit clunky if you don’t have the space. While it’s great for family use and shared experiences, you may struggle to find a suitable aesthetic factored place for it.

Also, some of the games (and by some, I mean most) have to be ordered separately. This isn’t a bad thing per see, but I would have liked to have seen the majority of games already pre-packed or at least a simpler way of ordering as the overall price is high, certainly one of the most expensive bits of kit on this site.

Other than that, this machine is a great fit for those wanting to advance their fitness lifestyle, evolve their motivation, and take a walk into the future of fitness solutions.


Is the samsung gear vr headset good?

As always, Samsung releases top-quality gear. The VR headset is brilliantly designed with user comfort, low ping device integration, head tracking accuracy, and so on. All the hallmarks of a good VR headset are met with Samsung’s very own.

What really is a virtual world?

A virtual reality world is a digital, 3D environment that immerses the user through full surroundings and perceptual placement. Simply, you put on a headset, removing all sight of the physical world around you, leaving you to use head movement and input controls to look and move around similarly to real life. Depending on the difficult settings, it doesn’t always result in physical inactivity for icaros users, however – a VR game can require lots of physical movement, depending on the setup. Flight simulator, for example, can involve whole body movements, using your real physical abilities to control a digital component.

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