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Nevermind a spectacular vertical free fall, virtual worlds let you deep dive into the perfect workout too

Dig deep. Why are you here? Why did you open this article and begin to read these words? I would hedge my bets – you’re here because you either want great alternative workout solutions or you’re interested in what VR technology there is at the moment. Well, luckily for you, if you didn’t want both incentives, then you’ll find them by the end of this article.

The tech space is filled with amazing fitness-oriented products, from VR headsets and pre-programmed classes to almost absurd levels of cutting-edge hardware, there’s no shortage of choice. With ICAROS, however, the word choice may be ever fleeting.

With exergames, you get complete exercise software, mainly through the use of the ICAROS app, and have access to a whole library of brilliantly designed, forward-thinking games and experiences. VR or not, you can use multi-device compatibility on an ICAROS machine of your choice (check them out if you haven’t already) and begin your journey of entertaining active VR experiences. From games that allow you to explore photo realisitc environments to arcade games with a focus on classic gaming modes, ICAROS have it all, but what you have is unlimited access to seemingly endless variety.

So, what part of that variety are we focussing on today?

Deep. This exergame gives you a fascinating under-water world, the ability to race sharks and manta rays, and battle with enemy submarines in a sprawling, deep underwater space.

Sound good?

Let’s break it down even further, and see how this exergame isn’t just a great release for ICAROS but how you can also benefit from a unique fitness standpoint.

Let’s dive.

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  • Large number of art assets
  • Expansive nav-mesh (large play area)
  • Low Ping responsiveness
  • Multi-Device Compatability
  • 3D lighting
  • Headtracking
ICAROS GAMES - DEEP - main image


Shark Racing

Think about the ability to race something in a virtual world. With your ICAROS machine, whether it’s a ICAROS Cloud 360 or the ICAROS Pro, racing adds a whole new level of competitiveness to your fitness lifestyle. Beyond the multiplayer capability found in some games, an element of racing, challenge, and competition will only benefit the way you use your ICAROS fitness machine. Racing sharks in an underwater setting is great, but racing in anything from the comfort of your own home is a surefire way to burn calories, improve core strength and maximise overall flexibility.

Submarine Battles

Battling submarines is a brilliant way to stay focussed in Deep. From strategic thinking to unique body movements, you’ll feel like you’re dancing your way to perfect body control. The Submarines are reasonable in size, too, meaning you won’t be short of that challenging feel. Using your DeepRay virtual glider, you can twist, turn, taunt, and finish your enemies in the way that feels right for you. A simple mode with great enjoyability, and a big reason for me to stay on my ICAROS machine.

Responsive in-game avatar

The responsiveness of your in-game avatar is super important. There’s nothing worse than clicking your mouse, for example, for it only to have effect 10 seconds later. Games are no different. And with your avatar responding brilliantly to your body movements and head movements you really do feel like you’re in control. This is mainly down to hardware programming, a testament to ICAROS’ design effectiveness.

Exploration reward

With a great display and data points, not to mention a pretty eerie and immersive underwater world, you get a host of great rewarding feelings when you explore this underwater scene. From landmarks to sharks and manta rays, this is one of my favourite underwater worlds I’ve ever played, and because I feel like I’m rewarding myself on discovery, I’m rewarding my bodily health too (by staying on for longer!)

Advanced HUD (Heads Up Display)

The Advanced hud has a host of awesome features and data to show you. From measurements on distance and dive to a blip radar guiding you through the unknown, you really feel like the tech you’re wielding is worth its weight. It’s an ICAROS device and ICAROS game, after all – it’s going to perform well, but Deep is one of the better exergames when it comes to design thought and implementation effectiveness.

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Pros and Cons

  • Great virtual reality design
  • Isn’t one that requires perfect body control
  • ICAROS game includes multiple gaming modes
  • ICAROS users can stay connected through the app
  • Graphics not as good for some
  • No camera adjustments

Overall Verdict:

In conclusion? I love this experience. It allowed me to live out my dream of diving underwater and burn calories at the same time. I know what you’re thinking… why don’t you just swim? Well, what I’m doing is staying in the comfort of my own home, not having to deal with swimming pool frustrations and still using my body in incredibly unique and bespoke ways.

The game itself is brilliant too. From the radar blips guiding me to unknown sources to the intense feeling of submarine battles, I loved the variety in this one. And of course, when there’s variety in game modes there’s variety in body movement too. In order for me to build my core strength and really help dexterity across my entire body, I need to vary up my movements. With even more modes like shark racing, then, well, I’m making the most out of my entire body.

Get this game, add it to your library, and see how it helps your fitness and fun meter.

experience and implore anyone to give it a go.

What I Liked About This VR Software

Discover skies explore underwater worlds, take in a breathtaking virtual world, breathtaking alpine scenery, and a host of worlds that’ll give you great feedback. Simply, I want to burn calories in interesting ways, and these games help me to do that. They justify the price of the ICAROS machines, give me an intense workout if I want it, and bring my dreams to life. I get to explore underwater worlds or explore real landscapes if I want to, this is a rarity, I must say, and with the attention to dexterity and replayability, I can do it over and over again. I’m in heaven when it comes to virtual reality machinery, and software like this only extends my stay.

Things That Could Have Been Better

Not much could be improved here. I’d like the moa or play area to be a bit bigger, of course, but that’s a limitation, I’m sure ICAROS would want this area to be sprawling, massive, and almost unexplorable, but of course, technology has its downfalls, and only so much can be built here. Along the same lines, I’d love the graphics to be a tad better than they are. I’m not usually one for graphics complaints, and I’m not really complaining, but I would like a bit of a better render quality and textural quality, just to help with that final immersion box tick. Other than that, there really is not much I could improve with Deep. It’s a great experience and one that keeps me playing time and time again.


Do all ICAROS experiences take up to three minutes?

Not all of them, some give you the option of exploring for as long as you want to, whereas other arcade games can be smaller stages. All the info is available on the app, so be sure to decide for yourself what game is going to give you enough time.

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