ICAROS GAMES – ICARACE – The most real competitive E-Sports experience ever – A global online multiplayer racing experience with the fastest ICAROS


Virtual reality unfolds in a futuristic space race against real life players

Join the race, join the global network, join… ICARACE! This multiplayer chaos introduces the ability to race against other ICAROS users round the globe. With a great deal of ships to choose from, and, therefore, characters, you’re really being immersed in this linear and straightforward world of classic racing styles.

But, let’s rewind for a second – what are these games about?

ICAROS combines fitness with games to give you futuristic fitness solutions. The future is truly here today, all you have to do is climb on it. With ICAROS hardware comes brilliant ICAROS software, and these exergames were designed to have fitness and games combined so you can work out in entirely new ways. The word of the day here is ‘gamification’, and this word acts as a crux to all ICARS creations thus far. So, with other games seeing you explore underwater worlds, fascinating under water world, breathtaking alpine scenery, and a spectacular vertical free fall, what is it that makes ICARACE so good?

Well, if you want to be one of the fastest Icaros pilots around the globe, you’ll have to work for it. Think about it, with ICARACE we can go online to race around a virtual track with others. And if everybody else is using the ICAROS machines to get the most out of their body, their fitness lifestyle and practising to be the best, then you’d better practice even harder. This is what makes ICARACE so good – adding an element of competition makes you train harder, gives you more reason to get into ICAROS exergames and makes the VR headset a weapon, not just a tool.

So let me walk you through this virtual environment as we learn about one of the best ICAROS creations to date.

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  • HD graphics
  • Kinetic responsiveness
  • Azimuth accuracy
  • Pinpoint directionality
  • Multi-device compatibility


Brilliantly designed race track

A great racing game needs a great racing track. This track, designed by a team of creatives and designers, is brilliantly dynamic, twisting and challenging, and really helps you to be immersed in this racing world. The track sees you fly through tunnels, sharp turns, open plains and a futuristic stylised aesthetic.

The track gives you the right balance between difficulty levels and easiness. This balance means you won’t be saying, ‘damn, this game requires perfect body control, and it’s too hard.’ and because of the balance, you get a balanced experience of different skills.

Dynamic environment

Virtual worlds, virtual reality and games – there has to be a sense of variation throughout, otherwise, what’s the point?

This dynamic environment consists of man-made futuristic objects, rocks and dirt, and open plains of a desert-like aesthetic. Not forgetting the grasser areas, this dynamism really makes the track feel like it’s new, and fresh and demands more than just attention – entertainment. This also helps reinforce a worldly feel to the whole game, instead of it just being an A to B dash, there are interesting aspects to this world, and the dynamic map helps to denote this.

Racers to choose from

You get to choose different vehicles for your racing desires. From Russian-sounding murky vehicles to the ICAROS itself, VR gaming is realised in this multiplayer races-based game. Because you get to compete globally, it’s really important to have a character amidst this racing world. Virtual reality gaming is expansive and so, being able to choose different vehicles helps to substantiate you as a person too. But other than that, it’s simply great to have choice here, nobody wants the same car for the rest of their lives.


Having leaderboards is super important. To make a multiplayer exercise game a complete exercise software, you need to have a sense of the competition being tracked. VR headsets make racing awesome; if you forget your position (or your ability), or if you don’t feel like the competition is in contention anywhere, then it feels a little less exciting. This ICAROS game lets you track multiplayer achievements and positioning, and guess what? It does it all while you, as a racer, trains core stability too. Forget your gaming PC, this virtual world is all you need to compete and come out on top.

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  • Smoothest ICAROS game so far
  • Join others to feel connected
  • Great track for replayability
  • More than up to three minutes
  • ICAROS game includes a leaderboard
  • First-person graphics look dated
  • VR experience is a bit basic

Overall Verdict:

Overall we’ve got a great game here. It’s racey, makes you feel excited, and because of the competition, it challenges more than just your body. The mental game is important in order to come out on top, and we all like to feel like winners. With a complicated track, twisting and turning, you get to move your body in equally twisting ways. You don’t need two gaming modes here because the inherent one is brilliant. I couldn’t believe how motivated I was to jump on and compete globally; it’s just unreal. While the graphics are classically… questionable, and I feel like I’m flying through some demo of what graphics were like in the year 1999, it is a good experience when combined with the ICAROS hardware. Gaming modes provide variation, but with the inherent variation in the track, character choice and replayable, unique per-race feel, then you’re fine, don’t worry.

In conclusion, this is the best ICAROS game, in my opinion, while it looks pretty bad, you don’t need to explore photo realisitc environments to be immersed in something. It’s because of the smart devices, intense workout potential and entertaining active VR experiences that make this game worth playing, and worth playing time and time again. It’s one thing to race sharks but another to race real-life ICAROS users.

What I Liked About This VR Software

Let’s find out. In fact, I didn’t not like anything about this great experience it was absolutely mega. I love to fight against others, but racing is heart pumping too. If you’re worried about the lack of variety, don’t be it’s got all that you need in one package, and because other people are involved, it feels like a different race every single time. It’s not like racing against predictable AI, real people offer a real challenge for you to feel accomplished through competition.

This gets you creating exciting memories while working out and staying fit at the same time, and that’s the best bit about it, you often forget you’re strengthening your body as you play.

Things That Could Have Been Better

A lot of things could be better. Maybe more interaction, health systems for the vehicles, even the classic ICAROS favourite ring checkpoint could have been changed a little for this version, but still a great choice overall.

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