How to jump rope

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Using jump rope techniques to master jump rope exercises and set your sights high

Without jumping in too quickly, we should always take a measured approach to engaging in new activities. Sure, diving in the deep end will teach you the hard way (and oftentimes exclusive ways) but being prepared and calculated is often the more guaranteed approach.

Today, we’re looking at jump rope workouts. And our calculated approach may look something like this –

Choose jump rope exercise – learn jump rope training – execute jump rope workout.


But what’s a little harder than jumping skills (yes, they do exist) is jump rope skills. There’s a technique to everything, and if you want to reap the rewards of jumping rope and break free from beginner jump rope workouts, then you should put the work in now.

So, before your concentration gets a little ropey, let’s dive into today’s walkthrough.

Why bother?

Skipping or jumping rope is a seriously effective workout, and not just on your legs. Your entire upper body is being activated pretty much the whole time the movement is being performed. If you want your skipping rope to give you a true workout, then you need to practice technique, of course, but in order to learn more about why it’s good, you should read here.

Whether you want body weight or weighted jump rope tricks, speed ropes or jump rope fitness dance classes, jumping rope will burn around 1000 calories per hour! So, there’s your answer.

Technique breakdown

The Jump!

Making sure to take the leap in the right way is essential. You should stand tall with your feet about hip-width apart, then practice jumping up and down in the same spot. You’ll get a sense of height and rhythm with this action.

Next, it’s best to grab your rope and try swinging. However, you don’t need to start jumping yet – all you need to do is learn how it feels as your rotate, so grab it with one arm and rotate both handles in that one hand. Getting a feel for weight and movement before you learn how to jump with it is great.

Now you can mix both. You’ll probably fail a little here, and that’s fine (especially with weighted jump ropes). Make sure you start slow and then try to speed up. As you speed up, your wrists will go tighter, and you’ll begin to jump more quickly, but try not to focus on individual elements – a rhythm, game, and your whole body is playing.


There you have it, there’s not much to it. A good jump rope technique is one that comes with practice and consideration. Don’t rush it, understand the movements and soon you’ll be getting that great full-body workout routine that takes up a mere few square meters.


What is speed rope?

A speed rope is a lighter weighted rope with a focus on speed. Speed roping is a type of activity that revolves around fast-fire jump roping.

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