Best Affordable Exercise Bikes

Best Affordable Exercise Bikes

Finding the right affordable exercise bike on a budget that could change your fitness lifestyle today

What does fitness mean to you? Is it getting as shredded as possible, cutting as hard as you can and taking every supplement under the sun? Or does it mean maintaining mobility, ensuring a steady calorie burn and maintaining cardiovascular health? Either way, whether you like intense training sessions or laid-back lifestyles, an affordable fitness bike is a guaranteed benefit to your fitness lifestyle.


Because having the right tools at your disposal to stay as fit as you want to is essential to physical and mental health in the modern world. And that’s a great reminder – you don’t need to be Lance (cough) Armstrong to release endorphins and witness personal growth, you just need the right exercise equipment.

Now, we’re all on a budget for something. It could be trying to buy your next house, help send your kids to university or buying your partner something nice. But being on a budget for an indoor bike is spending wisely for your future.

To feel those benefits tomorrow, let’s break down some killer bikes with life-saving price tags.

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In A Rush?

  Best Nordic Track: Best JTX: Best Reebok: Best Proform: Best JLL:
Brand NordicTrack JTX Reebok Proform JLL
Model GX 4.4 Pro Cyclo-Go Exercise Bike GB50 320 CSX+ IC300 Pro Indoor Cycling
Photo F3
Resistance 25 Levels (Magnetic resistance) 16 Levels (electro-magnetic resistance) 32 levels (electronic resistance) 16 Levels (Digital Resistance) 32 Levels (Magnetic resistance)
Max. Weight 125 kg 120 kg 120 kg 125 kg 130 kg
Assembled Dimensions 156L x 58W x 107H cm 101L x 59W x 149H cm 100L x 52W x 130H cm 109L x 56W x 143H cm 120L x 51W x 98H cm
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Best Affordable NordicTrack Exercise Bike:

NordicTrack GX 4.4 Pro Exercise Bike

Key features

  • 25 digital resistance levels
  • 9 kg inertia enhanced flywheel
  • 5″ backlit display
  • In-home personal training programs
  • Live interactive training
  • Personal trainer programs
  • Google maps inclusion
  • Oversized cushion seat
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustments
  • Extra-wide Ergonomic Pedals with Adjustable Straps
  • Refined focus on comfort and adjustability
  • Broad inclusion of technology for enhancements
  • Lightweight feel through the 9 kg flywheel
  • Great assembled dimensions for reasonable space saving
  • Advantageous warranty for sceptical minds
  • Digital resistance can be too smooth for some
  • Lightweight feel not for everybody


It’s easy to see where the focus lays with this entry. Technology and comfort make this not only a great bike but a constantly enjoyable riding experience every time. And that’s the point here – exercise can and should always be as fun as you want to make it. With 30 apps, an insane number of integrated apps and inclusions like google maps and trainer-led programs, you’ll be spinning in workout options.

An upright exercise bike like this (often unlike a recumbent exercise bike, for example) makes you feel focused for longer. The position naturally encourages a harder degree of workout, and with the 25 levels of digital resistance, you won’t be short of the potential to sweat if you want to.

Let’s not forget about the console. On the theme of tech, this monitor looks really good, and I mean it – it has a futuristic, sleek feel that compliments the whole bike. And if the whole bike is complimented by a modern and sharp look, then think about what that’s going to do to your home. Magnetic resistance is good, but digital can often be easier to operate and feel a little smoother in the transitions. While some prefer a manual, the digital shifts are easy and, therefore, safe to enact.

A seriously sharp feeling bike; modern features, great focus on comfort and tech, both of which encourage motivation, and a sturdy frame and durable build.

Definitely check this bike out more and make the buy if it’s right for you, and if you do double take at the price tag, then I’ll knock some off for you (if only…)

Want to know more? Read our full review of the NordicTrack GX 4.4 Pro Exercise Bike here.

Best Affordable JTX Exercise Bike:

JTX Cyclo-Go Home Exercise Bike

Key Features

  • 11kg Flywheel weight
  • Smooth and quiet ride properties
  • Computer-controlled resistance levels
  • Dimensions – 101(l) x 59(w) x 149(h) cm.
  • Max user weight – 120 kg
  • Full-colour touchscreen computer
  • Large extra padded cushioned
  • 21 training programs
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Watt training (superior cycling measurement system)
  • Pinpoint accurate data readings for tracking and planning
  • Dexterous monitor with full-colour display for look and feel strength
  • Exceptional stability (unlike all stationary bikes) through large footprint
  • 16 levels for great strength variation
  • Dated looks not for everyone
  • Not the highest max user weight capacity (still 120 kg)


A slightly more humble entry than the previous in this list, large extra padded cushioned is the definition of a great all-rounder. It looks a tad dated, but the onboard features are as modern and enriching as ever.

The best exercise bike for a well-rounded experience, the JTX Cyclo-Go, Upright Exercise features a nice 16 levels of resistance, a handy full-colour monitor (with very accurate watt training, by the way) and 21 training programs for decent variation and capacity to learn structure in your regimes.

Upright bikes don’t always have such stability either. The large footprint makes sure the bike stays up while you inevitable push it to the limit. The adjustable handlebars help this rise in intensity too, making sure you’re as well optimised as the machine.

Forget about a recumbent bike for a second, you don’t need a reclined position to be comfy. The JTX Cyclo-Go, Upright Exercise promotes comfort, affordability and quality features. It might not be the apex bike, but if you want to lose weight, stay fit, maintain your health and your wallet, then you’ve got no excuse – make the smart purchase decision for you.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the JTX Cyclo-Go Home Exercise Bike here.

Best Affordable Reebok Exercise Bike:

Reebok Exercise Bike GB50

Key Features

  • Padded comfortable seat
  • Horizontal and vertical seat adjustments
  • Self-levelling pedals with adjustable straps
  • Light frame
  • Soft hand grips
  • 20 fitness programs
  • 32 levels of electronic resistance
  • Premium build quality
  • 9 kg flywheel
  • Watts, Distance, Speed, Calories, Time, pulse and RPM displays
  • Great range of resistance levels for workout variation
  • Enhanced fitness programs (great additions from previous entry)
  • Adjustability options to accommodate for most riders
  • Great affordability balance with quality build and features
  • Advanced comfort, especially for a cheaper model
  • Handlebars could be inconvenient
  • Light flywheel generally for lighter trainers


We all have to be honest with ourselves as well – we’re on a budget. With budget comes limitations, but Reebok haven’t worked within those limitations, they’ve worked around them. With great exercise stats, a water bottle holder and multiple speed capabilities, this bike is another simple yet effective entry.

A to-the-point edition in this list of affordable exercise bikes, the Reebok GB50 hosts a great deal of benefits that you wouldn’t find on an outdoor bike. To help, total calories burned, 32 levels of electronic resistance, self-levelling pedals for comfort and safety, and great focus on seat and grip comfort come into play here. In essence, the Reebok GB50 focuses on a balance between quality and price tag and gets it right every day of the week. Seriously, when you get on this bike and feel for yourself, well, it’s testament to the idea that you’re paying for the bells and whistles on the more expensive products – this thing feels premium without being premium, and I’m impressed.

With great adjustability, from the vertical and horizontal seat adjustments to the sharp and determined-looking aesthetics, I’d encourage anyone to welcome this machine into their home or health club. The 6kg flywheel is around the lower tier of wheel you’ll find in terms of weight, but with the resistance available, and your ability to change those, then you won’t be short of a challenge (the heavier flywheels are generally for the top tier cyclists who absolutely need a bigger challenge)

A great entry with a modern and sharp feel, great looks, varied options as to workout style and just another great all-rounder. Be good to your fitness lifestyle, but be better to your wallet – think about making the right decision now.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Reebok Exercise Bike GB50 here.

Best Affordable Proform Exercise Bike:

Proform 320 CSX+ Exercise Bike

Key Features

  • Home interactive systems
  • iFit workouts (30 Day trial)
  • Access live, studio and global workouts
  • 16 easy-to-adjust silent digital resistance levels (7 kg effective inertia)
  • Tablet holder, water bottle holder
  • Transport wheels
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Music ports
  • Adjustable seat
  • 5-inch backlit screen
  • EKG system
  • Great focus on tech and entertainment
  • Greatly considered adjustability and resistance technology
  • Brilliant extras for wider ease (bottle and tablet holders)
  • Superior guidance through workout programs
  • Not the biggest max user weight
  • Simple aesthetics may put some off


When we think of affordable, we shouldn’t think about what we’re missing, we should think about all that we’re getting for the price. With a great focus on entertainment and tech inclusions, the Proform 320 CSX+ Exercise Bike manages to impress.

If you have specific goals and want your training to be back to basics, then this machine is ideal for you. But to spin that, this bike has a great deal of features oriented around enhancing your workout too. The console is decent, but the programs are of note here. The music portability is a great touch too. Music source inclusion is great for those wanting to focus, distract or alter their mindset. In this sense, the smart aspects of this bike make for a smart exercise bike and a smart purchase for you as well.

But those aren’t the only smart features you’ll find here, oh no…

Digital controls let you adjust things silently, without the need for manual cogs turning and so on. The 16 degrees of resistance gives you a game-changing range in which to push through, and the 7kg inertia is what gives that bike a heavy, more realistic feel, like certain treadmills that replicate real-life runs.

So, when if you’re left wondering what you’re missing out on, then the only thing you’ve missed is the point – with a great price tag, you get so much for your money, and to think that with every spin of the pedals you’ll be reminded of why this bike is a bargain.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Proform 320 CSX+ Exercise Bike here.

Best Affordable JLL Exercise Bike:

JLL IC300 Pro Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike (£389.99)

Key Features

  • Resistance – Adjustable magnetic resistance system 
  • Crank – Reliable 3-piece crank system
  • Belt – Belt-drive system
  • Monitor – LCD display that tracks distance, time, speed, calories burned, and heart rate 
  • Flywheel – 20 KG bi-directional flywheel
  • Pedals – Fitted design with foot cage for stability 
  • Handlebars – Ergonomic design with height adjustment features & pulse sensor plates
  • Seat – Fully adjustable seat for comfort 
  • Transport – Wheels built-in
  • Smooth & adjustable magnetic resistance system
  • Dial for precise resistance
  • Heavy flywheel
  • Quiet operation
  • Excellent padded seat design
  • Some reports of dark monitor


The first word that jumps out here is versatility. It has applications that I believe fit for both serious riders and beginners alike. Mainly due to the combination of a few features…

The belt-driven system, flywheel, and magnetic resistance all work to provide a smooth and quiet ride. They also make for a nice weighted feel that helps both serious riders and beginners feel like their movements matter. In combination with ergonomic handlebars and a padded seat design, I liked how this bike has been built for comfort too. This is great for ensuring that I can work out for longer and stay comfortable at the same time.

As for the looks of this machine – I love it. It’s a little serious for some but wow, does it look mean. I like the fact that serious designs are at play here, it helps me feel like I’m riding something that should have cost me more, and that’s not a trick it’s a benefit. The best cheap exercise bikes often look like they’re a part of that list, and while money and sensible purchasing decisions come first, I want it to look good too… you don’t have to fork out to feel great.

With ergonomic handlebars and a padded seat design, I liked how this bike has been built for comfort. This was great for ensuring that I could work out for longer and stay comfortable.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the JLL IC300 Pro Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike here.


As for today’s best deals, I think we’ve found some of the more suitable and best exercise bikes for those looking to save. We have variation in style and quality, with some focussing on that indoor cycling bike entertainment system feel. Others are a little more modest; they’re trying to be what they should be, and they’re open about why the price tag is what it is. Many a stationary bike comes with disappointment, maybe you pay too much or feel like the build quality isn’t up to par, and I get it – we all have expectations. But the price isn’t always correlated to quality. The lower price tags can have far more durable materials with a more straightforward yet reliable approach to indoor cycling bike manufacturing.

The best exercise bike is out there, just find the right deal, follow the page that opens in ‘new tab’, and do what’s right for your health. No matter how you purchase the bike, just make sure that you’re sure… I don’t want people making rushed decisions, but in reading this list and weighing up your options, I don’t see how you could be.


Do the best affordable exercise bikes exist all around the world?

Absolutely. Great designers and manufacturers exist everywhere.

But in purchasing your own bike, it’s always beneficial to get in the very country in which you reside.

For example, you have to think about taxing and delivery time and so on, so while you could see a cheaper unit from America, think about those postage costs for a second.

What can go wrong with an indoor exercise bike?

Everything can technically go wrong with a bike, but certain components are surer to fail quicker than others.

Components like a crank, handlebar adjustments, pedal straps – think about the smaller, more manual aspects of a bike, those are the areas that are usually exposed to more wear.

Is there an affordable folding exercise bike too?

Folding exercise bikes are becoming increasingly popular.

They offer the rider portability and storage advantages without compromising on quality or performance.

So if you’re looking for an affordable folding exercise bike, there are definitely some great options out there.

Which is more affordable, a road bike or an exercise bike?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on so many individual factors.

It comes down to what you need the bike for, how often you’ll use it, and your own personal budget.

That being said, an exercise bike is usually the more affordable option as they’re generally less expensive to buy and maintain than road bikes.

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