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Introduction to the Spirit Johnny G Exercise Bike

Every now and again, we all find something special. Usually, this thing comes entirely out of the blue, and when the dust settles, there’s no way we’d ever forget about it. For me, when I see something that grabs my eye, it’s because whoever’s designed it has put a LOT of thought into it. And while certain things are subjective, I think we can all agree that there are things that just look too good to resist.

In the world of training and exercise routines, it’s also hard to disagree that looks play a massive factor. However, I’m not just talking about the way we might look physically, but also the way the very things that get us there look too. In this case, I feel it right to introduce the Johnny G Spirit Bike. It looks fantastic. I’m yet to really lay eyes on something that looks modern and elegant in this way; designers usually favour a more modern look, but luxurious? Not always on the minds of our dear friends, the manufacturers.

But I don’t want to just talk about looks. I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I did. From a multi-controlled magnetic resistance system to a power zone program inclusion or a functional threshold power ftp, this bike does more than just spin. There’s plenty happening underneath the hood: a self-powered motor, cockpit-style console, generator drive system and functional threshold power features really set this thing apart from the rest.

So, without getting too excited and buying this machine outright, let’s run through the whys and why-nots of this pretty forward-thinking indoor bike.

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  • Self Generator motor
  • Drive train: Conti Synchroforce HTD and Hutchinson Flexonic Poly V Belts
  • Frame: Solid steel with three layers of protection ( plated, powder coated and clear coat)
  • User weight 25 stone (159kg)
  • Size L x 125cm W x 51cm H x 109cm (49” x 20” x 43”)
  • Product weight 68kg


  • Powered by a generator built into the bike
  • Will retain workout information up to 10 minutes after user stops pedalling
  • 21kg (46lb) Flywheel
  • Magnetic resistance – never needs calibration
  • 0-20 Resistance levels
  • 5 x built-in programmes
  • Telemetric heart rate monitoring using both Garmin & Bluetooth chip modules
  • Saddle and handle bars adjust both horizontally and vertically
  • Pedals dual-sided with SPD and straps
  • Comfort moulded seat
  • Additional resistance buttons on handle bars
  • Water bottle holder
  • User weight 25 stone (159kg)
  • Size L x 125cm W x 51cm H x 109cm (49” x 20” x 43”)



Full commercial with 3 years parts and labour

*Warranty may be subject to change without notice and may differ between retailers – please check carefully before making a purchase.

Pros and Cons

  • Incredibly considered, sleek aesthetics
  • Luxury ergonomic feel for rideability value
  • Heavy flywheel weight for realistic experience
  • Clear heads-up display for mid-ride ease of use
  • Warranty isn’t great – most Spirit bikes have a 10-year on certain parts
  • would expect more built-in programs (only 5)

Overall Verdict:

Before mentioning the beaming look again, I want to get into what’s hidden underneath or around this indoor bike, so make sure to read the section after this – it’s easy to focus on the shiny thing without realising what it actually is.

That said, I implore you to find another bike that looks this luxurious. Depending on the environment, this could hands down be the option out there, no matter how many pages of google you search through. With a lot of bike designs staying firmly in the utile and dated, being able to review a bike that looks this good, this modern, and this artful is a refreshing change.

From training sessions to the warm-up mode, this bike acts as a great guide to fitness. While limited in parts, it feels like a great-looking, smooth and fluid all-rounder. I also love the way every single Spirit bike creates an experience, not just a tool. From head to toe, it feels carefully considered and made for me.

I definitely vouch for this machine, and after you’ve read this review, I hope you’ll be doing the same for someone else.

What I Liked About This Exercise Bike

Ignoring the obvious, like its ability to store workout data or connect to user devices, I want to say that this bike makes for a great riding experience. The electronically controlled magnetic resistance system really feels fluid. The workout data is ample and makes the console feel to the point and sharply designed (the console power zone program is of note here – breaking down different power balances can be really useful mid-workout). The flywheel weight (21kg) creates a real road bike feel, and this can be super rare in the indoor biking world. The heavier flywheel also results in a fluid and smooth action too, leaving you fighting the actual resistance of the power system, not a badly designed pedal and flywheel component.

I love the powerful feel of the Drive train. The Conti Synchroforce HTD and Hutchinson Flexonic Poly V Belts push me, provide a stable workout through operational integrity, and most of all, remind me that this bike doesn’t just look pretty. The frame is Solid Steel too. And you can tell. But it’s the attention to detail in material blending that really helps to make this bike both affordable and long-lasting (not to mention the aesthetics… wait, have I talked about that already?)

**Spirit Johnny G Exercise Bike is one of the top choices for home garage gym.**

Things That Could Have Been Better

From the forward control pad to the disappointing amount of programs, the console just isn’t quite up to par with the rest of the bike. The positives I mentioned at the start of this article are still valid, but in conclusion, they should have done a better job here. Yes, the unique circuit design stores my data in interesting and conservative ways, and a power save function is indeed innovative, but the smart design isn’t all that intelligent if what the result is, well, disappointing. You can also say that things like user devices and leader board, power zone function keys (digital) or a power meter is what makes a console great. For me, it’s variation; it’s how a tool can be multi-tooled by simply adding in more built-in programs and better stuff to play around with.

I also think the warranty is rather weak. Spirit are known for good warranties. Ranging from 3-10 years with a lot of different parts and labour to have a full commercial 3 without any warranty variation feels a little odd to me. While I don’t think it says anything about the bike per se I would have liked to have seen this aspect improved.


I’ve experienced bad Bluetooth functionality, do I need to pay through the roof for a Bluetooth bike that maintains connection?

When a bike has absolutely no batteries for parts or, like this case, encourages an entirely wireless connection, things can go wrong. But if a manufacturer is boasting these things, then it has to be good. You don’t need an expensive bike to make this work (nor do you need your own power), you just need the right one. Bluetooth functionality is pretty run-of-the-mill these days, and it’s hardly costly to incorporate. Make sure to read the reviews and keep hunting for a reasonably priced bike that has ALL the good stuff too.

Is a high visibility LED display worth looking out for?

Well, while this is subjective, it really depends on what you want from a bike. If you’re after a varied console with diverse capability, then you’ll want to be able easily read all that data you’re tracking. For a more minimalist console, it may be less important, but clarity is clarity, the clearer your console, the clearer your goals.

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