Commercial Exercise Bike

Commercial exercise bike

Finding the heavy-hitting indoor cycles best suited for commercial use

A commercial exercise bike is a bike that hits hard. Why? Because commercial bikes are often used in health clubs or gyms around the world. While that doesn’t mean you can’t use a commercial indoor bike at home, if you do, it means you’re getting a solid, sturdy, and reliable machine fit for lifelong use.

Recumbent bikes, upright bikes, air bikes… the commercial world of fitness equipment is rife and broad. But that’s a great thing, provided you have a guide, of course. You could be changing your fitness lifestyle with an upright bike focused on technology, or maybe you could be providing top-notch equipment for important people around you by buying a recumbent exercise bike built for impeccable comfort and adjustability.

Whatever your fancy, whatever your gym-based needs, you’re about to read a comprehensive list of some of the best indoor cycles on the market, and I’m more than excited to break them down with you.

As always, make sure you look for the finer details and tiny aspects – often, it’s the smaller stuff that can speak a thousand words. Remember what you came for, realise what you want, and there’s no reason that you couldn’t be making the right buying decision in less than 10 minutes time.

Let’s get into it.

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In A Rush?

  Best Life Fitness: Best Spirit: Best Proform: Best Nordic Track: Best Top End:
Brand Life Fitness Spirit Proform NordicTrack Life Fitness
Model Club Series Upright Bike Johnny G Tour de France 10.0 Commercial S27i Integrity Series Standard Upright Bike
Photo F3
Resistance 25 Levels 20 levels (Magnetic resistance) Silent Magnetic Resistance 24 Levels (Silent Magnetic Resistance) 26 Levels
Max. Weight 181 kg 159 kg 150 kg 160 kg 182 kg
Assembled Dimensions 105L x 62W x 138H cm 125L x 51W x 109H cm 158L x 63W x 137H cm 145L x 71W x 165H cm 105L x 62W x 138H cm
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Best Commercial Life Fitness Exercise Bike:

Life Fitness Club Series Upright Bike

Key features

  • Self Generator Drive System (with the Integrity X console)
  • Integrity X Console with wireless connectivity
  • Deluxe racing handle bars (ergonomic design with elbow support)
  • Resistance controls integrated into the handle bars
  • 0-25 Resistance levels
  • Maximum resistance 900+ watts
  • Self-levelling wide pedals
  • Easily adjustable pedal straps
  • Comfortable seat
  • Easy seat height adjustment
  • Lifepulse Digital hand grip pulse
  • Entertainment control pad when used with optional attachable TV
  • User weight 28.5 stone (181kg)
  • Size L x 105cm W x 62cm H x 138cm (41.5” x 24.5” x 54.5”)
  • Product weight 76.5kg
  • Great dexterity and adjustability for user choice and comfort
  • Quiet ride from the generator drive system
  • Superior seat adjustments and positioning for rider optimisation
  • Incredible durability due to corrosion, stain and chemical resistance coating
  • Notable aesthetic improvement from other Life Fitness models
  • Self-generator drive system only with Integrity X console
  • More focus on Tech, less on build


With a sturdy use of steel to mark its frame, the Life Fitness Club Series Upright Bike From The Club Range weighs in at a healthy 76.5kg. This kind of robustness and reliability makes for a great entry for commercial settings. Even if you’re the only rider intending on using the machine, you can be worry-free – this indoor cycle will last a lifetime and stay resistant to scuffs and wear in the meantime. The coating on this Life Cycle machine is there to deal with threats of corrosion, stains, and general chemical interference.

From a strong maximum user weight to deluxe racing handlebars, this bike has got it all. I love the race positions available from the handlebar type, I seriously rated the adjustability and comfort due to the seat adjustments, and overall I wanted to stay on this bike for longer, that doesn’t happen all the time.

But it’s not just about strength and adjustability… this machine is ergonomic and comfortable too. With a racing optimised position potential, you can make use of all of the riding comforts across this bike. From the superior seat to accommodating pedals, this machine reminds the rider of its safety and user-oriented design.

Great stuff.

This onboard console lets me have workout data, workout performance history, workout programs, and a host of other features that I’d only expect from seriously top-end health clubs worldwide. Having this exercise bike with exerciser insight evolves and enhances my workout rate, form, progress… you name it – consoles are like your PA, and the Club Series Upright Lifecycle has got this spot on.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Life Fitness Club Series Upright Bike here.

Best Commercial Spirit Exercise Bike:

Spirit Johnny G Exercise Bike

Key Features

  • Powered by a generator built into the bike
  • Will retain workout information up to 10 minutes after user stops pedalling
  • 21kg (46lb) Flywheel
  • Magnetic resistance – never needs calibration
  • 0-20 Resistance levels
  • 5 x built-in programmes
  • Telemetric heart rate monitoring using both Garmin & Bluetooth chip modules
  • Saddle and handle bars adjust both horizontally and vertically
  • Pedals dual-sided with SPD and straps
  • Comfort moulded seat
  • Additional resistance buttons on handle bars
  • Water bottle holder
  • User weight 25 stone (159kg)
  • Size L x 125cm W x 51cm H x 109cm (49” x 20” x 43”)
  • Incredibly considered, sleek aesthetics
  • Luxury ergonomic feel for rideability value
  • Heavy flywheel weight for realistic experience
  • Clear heads-up display for mid-ride ease of use
  • Warranty isn’t great – most Spirit bikes have a 10-year on certain parts
  • would expect more built-in programs (only 5)


Who says you can’t have sleek and sharp designs with high-grade commercial builds? Well, nobody but theSpirit Johnny G Exercise Bike is the perfect example of how the above can be balanced.

With a brilliantly curvaceous shelling and supportive frame, you’ll be drawn to ride this machine every time, and that’s before you’ve even stepped on it. If you’re trying to appeal to other riders or trainers, then the aesthetics are also an obvious draw here.

But what of the actual riding experience?

Well, from a multi-controlled magnetic resistance system to a power zone program inclusion or a functional threshold power ftp, this bike does more than just spin. There’s plenty happening underneath the hood: a self-powered motor, cockpit-style console, generator drive system, and functional threshold power features really set this thing apart from the rest.

So, with mid-ride adjustments of a nicely designed heads-up display, a superbly and artfully designed exterior, and a greatly weighted feeling riding experience, you can guarantee a brilliant workout feel with theSpirit Johnny G Exercise Bike.

Equip yourself with the most stunning indoor cycle on the market right now.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Spirit Johnny G Exercise Bike here.

Best Commercial Proform Exercise Bike:

Proform Tour de France 10.0 Exercise Bike Spinning Bike

Key Features

  • Black and Yellow colouring
  • Belt drive system
  • Heart rate meter
  • 10″ Console
  • Pedals
  • Immersive and engaging workout programs
  • Personal coach capability
  • Aux music connector
  • Touch screen functionality
  • TDF style bike
  • Alloy steel and metallic fibre hybrid
  • Battery powered
  • Max height – 200 cm
  • Max weight – 150 kg
  • Great warranty
  • Unique programs only available on this bike
  • Unique colouring and design only available on this bike
  • Great ease of seat adjustability
  • Entertainment features
  • Console looks a little dated
  • Speakers aren’t the best quality, headphones can be a better choice


Uniqueness, speciality, and exclusivity – words we associate with being impressed, and if we want to impress more people than ourselves then well, we should buy based on them. The Tour de France special bike is a brilliantly composed bit of kit with great detail on engineering and unique onboard programs.

Besides the commercial grade build, with a sturdy frame and ergonomic design, you get to make use of the competition mode. Simply, the Tour de France programs let you ride through the stages found in the real-life competition. Some would say that’s it. And all the others are the same as you can find with iFit interactive technology across the field.

Racing against little dots aside, you can make use of the technology comforts of this bike too. For example, the high-definition console and auxiliary components determine your collection in a high-grade and up-to-date way. If you or anyone else wants to enhance their workouts with entertainment integration, then they can, in an instance and to great effect.

A unique entry in this series, one for those who enjoy high-energy workouts and all things sporting world.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Proform Tour de France 10.0 Exercise Bike Spinning Bike here.

Best Commercial NordicTrack Exercise Bike:

NordicTrack Commercial S27i Studio Cycle

Key Features

  • 360-degree rotating 27″ HD touchscreen
  • Premium 30w sound system
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Auto-Adjusting resistance and incline
  • Streamed worldwide on-demand workouts
  • iFit compatible
  • Two-sided SPD compatible pedals
  • Trainer-led workouts (guided routes)
  • Holistic collection of interactive workouts
  • Variety of workout metrics
  • Self-powered console
  • Touch screen technology
  • Generator drive system
  • Multi-ribbed belt drive
  • Enhanced data readings from Telemetry
  • Great warranty variation
  • Good range of resistance levels for varied workouts
  • Strong adjustability options
  • Changeable parts
  • No remote buttons
  • No stretching platform


The state-of-the-art superior designs are reserved for the best of us, or at least those who can afford them. Seriously, if you want to maximise your workout potential and evolve your fitness lifestyle, then the best of the best is the perfect place to start.

With incredible detail given to entertainment and workout enhancements, the NordicTrack Commercial S27i Studio Cycle isn’t just an indoor cycling bike it’s a flavour of the entire fitness world condensed down into one modern build.

So what’s so special here?

Ride through exotic locations with the HD display feature, enjoy an iFit membership to broaden your fitness goals, experience superb adjustment and comfort components, and make use of the rarely seen additional dumbbells. With one brief glance, it’s easy to see how this machine is ideal for your home or commercial applications. In fact, giving people or yourself the most options possible is the best way to advance, yes, but the best way to learn too. With commercial applications an aspect of education can go a long way – equipping the rider with the best knowledge to grow themselves makes these machines even greater tools than you’d expect.

Lastly, the ergonomic feel, high-grade material use and awe-inspiring console are way too modern for some, but if you’re the type to enjoy the basics, like the post, sliders, flywheel – Aluminium Black Anodised and a 2-Stage Hybrid Chain and Poly-V belt, then you’re enjoying durability, component efficiency and a well optimised indoor cycling experience.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the NordicTrack Commercial S27i Studio Cycle here.

Best Top End – Commercial Life Fitness Exercise Bike:

Life Fitness Integrity Series Standard Upright Bike with Discover SE3 HD LCD Console

Key Features

  • Wide height range
  • Strong minimum RPM of 30
  • Self-powered console
  • Touch screen technology
  • Generator drive system
  • Multi-ribbed belt drive
  • Crank adjustments
  • Telemetry
  • Racing handlebars
  • Improved comfort curve seat
  • Interchangeable seat
  • Wide ride pedals
  • Pedal size – 6.56 x 5.5″
  • Enhanced data readings from Telemetry
  • Great warranty variation
  • Good range of resistance levels for varied workouts
  • Strong adjustability options
  • Changeable parts
  • No remote buttons
  • No stretching platform


I don’t usually start with a console, but if it’s in the title of the entry, then it’s worth the talking point. The discover SE3HD Console screen gives room for a whole new way of growing your fitness levels, and this is just one reason that the Integrity Series hits the mark.

With vivid high definition, the console creates a consistently captivating experience every time. Inviting experiences that enhance your workout with ease should always be worth considering for any bike manufacturer, and with meticulously tracked data metrics, on-demand classes and personalisation, the SE3 HD console is one for the hall of fame. If you want wow yourself or others, then this commercial-grade console is for you.

So what’s beneath the wires, what does the bike feel like, and how does it compare to your expectations of a commercial-grade bike?

Well, this indoor cycle features sturdy and robust pedal straps, wide ride pedals for comfort and user variation, and an improved comfort curve seat and hey, if you don’t like this superb comfort seat, then you can change it out for another. Brilliant. Another thing that’s comfortable will be your patience. Why? Because of the Single-stage drive with self-tensioning idlers for minimal mechanical drag and low maintenance makes this machine a buy-and-leave type of experience. In other words, you won’t have to toil over it and tend to its design, it’s sturdy and self-reliant, and that’s exactly what you want from commercial-grade equipment.

A strong bike for a strong workout.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Life Fitness Integrity Series Standard Upright Bike with Discover SE3 HD LCD Console here.


Commercial grade goodness all round. High-end, solid builds with long-lasting applications are exactly the kind of machine you should be equipping your gym with. You want to be making a buying decision that suits you and others, so in choosing exercise bikes that you know will bring a smile to you and those around you is the smart decision you came to make today.

Commercial exercise bikes do come in all shapes and sizes, but sturdiness, smart usage, and the fundamentals should all be there. Nobody wants to be paying over parr, and nobody in the fitness world wants riding to be a disappointment. Whether you’re searching for a comfortable workout or one to push you to your limits, you’ll find a bike to cater to all of your needs in this list.

Fitness goals are shared around the world, so why not be a part of something big? Not just for the sake of it but to improve your health, level up your motivation, and boost your mental cognition every single day.

The choice is yours, so wield that power in the right ways now.


Should I get a recumbent bike for my gym equipment list?

Why not? Upright bikes are generally a little bit more in the way of promoting an intense workout, but for many, a recumbent bike is actually a necessary type of bike to maintain and sustain a healthy posture of regenerative requirements.

Is cardio exercise in commercial gyms popular?

An indoor cycle is just one example of the superior cardio ranges you find in gyms. Cardio is one of the fundamental building blocks for fitness, for any human on this planet. So funnily enough, you’ll find a great range of different cardio machines in the gym.

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