Best High-End Exercise Bike

Best high-end exercise bike

Finding the state of the art in the world of indoor cycling

It’s never a sin to like the good stuff. In fact, part of me wants to say that we’re hard-wired to like top-end, state-of-the-art and superior things. While this rule may not apply to some, I’d hedge my bets and say it does for most of us. From life-changing purchases to buying things that make us feel happy, seeking out the best of the best is never a bad thing.

With great extras comes great responsibility…

In the world of exercise equipment, however, you’ll find a less shallow need for high-end purchasing. Yes, these indoor bikes look great, but high-end fashion and high-end function are two separate worlds. From premium on-demand classes to smart exercise bikes with cutting-edge technology, indoor cycles with a big price tag are always justified.

And we’re about to find out why.

Ranging from deluxe recumbent bikes with HD touchscreens that house HD global tours, upright bikes good for high-intensity interval training through off-bike workout integration, all the way to the best exercise bikes made for superior ergonomic feel and engineering advancements – the world of premium exercise bikes has it all…

– now it’s time to discover how experiencing that world could change your fitness lifestyle forever.

Let’s take a spin.

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In A Rush?

  Best Life Fitness: Best Nordic Track: Best Nohrd: Best Spirit: Best Proform:
Brand Life Fitness NordicTrack Nohrd Spirit Proform
Model Integrity Series Standard Upright Bike Commercial S27i Upright Exercise Bike Johnny G Tour de France 10.0
Photo F3
Resistance 26 Levels 24 Levels (Silent Magnetic Resistance) n/a 20 levels (Magnetic resistance) Silent Magnetic Resistance
Max. Weight 182 kg 160 kg 200 kg 159 kg 150 kg
Assembled Dimensions 105L x 62W x 138H cm 145L x 71W x 165H cm 215H x 40W x 20Depth cm 125L x 51W x 109H cm 158L x 63W x 137H cm
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Best High End Life Fitness Exercise Bike:

Life Fitness Integrity Series Standard Upright Bike with Discover SE3 HD LCD Console

Key features

  • Racing handlebars
  • Improved comfort curve seat
  • Interchangeable seat
  • Wide ride pedals
  • Integrated accessories holder
  • Arctic silver – colour
  • Resistance levels – 26
  • Single-stage drive with self-tensioning idlers for minimal mechanical drag and low maintenance
  • Strong minimum RPM of 30
  • Self-powered console
  • Touch screen technology
  • Generator drive system
  • Telemetry
  • Enhanced data readings from Telemetry
  • Great warranty variation
  • Good range of resistance levels for varied workouts
  • Strong adjustability options
  • Changeable parts
  • No remote buttons
  • No stretching platform


At first glance, this machine strikes me as a classic bike. It’s got all the standardised aesthetics of a more traditionally designed indoor cycle. However, it’s only when you take a deeper look that you discover the comforting detail that’s gone into this machine. From the high-grade material use to the broadcast standard HD console, Life Fitness scored big by crowning this entry ‘The Integrity Series’.

Part of fitness integrity is providing an excellent platform for you to grow through. This indoor bike supports that platform with comfort, adjustability and premium technology at its forefront. From deluxe racing handlebars that mimic real road bike haptics to the ergonomically pioneering adjustable seat, you won’t be short of comfort options here.

With vivid high definition, the console creates a consistently captivating experience every time. Inviting experiences that enhance your workout with ease should always be worth considering for any bike manufacturer, and with engaging layouts, this bike becomes more than just a machine – this is a fitness hub, and a premium one to top it. From guided tours to pivotal metric tracking this console is the ideal workout enhancement that tech lovers seek so often.

With interchangeable parts, you can modify this entry too. Tailoring your workout style through interchanging capabilities, like swapping out pedals, can really help to make this bike feel yours too. In this way, the Integrity Series becomes an extension of your workout preference.

To conclude?

A premium bike from a groundbreaking manufacturer – high-grade simplicity at its finest.

Add this to your list now.

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Best High End NordicTrack Exercise Bike:

NordicTrack Commercial S27i Studio Cycle

Key Features

  • 360-degree rotating 27″ HD touchscreen
  • Premium 30w sound system
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Auto-Adjusting resistance and incline
  • SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance)
  • Streamed worldwide on-demand workouts
  • iFit compatible
  • Two-sided SPD compatible pedals
  • Trainer-led workouts (guided routes)
  • Holistic collection of interactive workouts
  • Variety of workout metrics
  • Dual 3lb Dumbells
  • Incredible immersive options
  • Outdoor riding experience capitalised on
  • Comfort and versatility through exercise options
  • Premium entertainment systems
  • Cycling shoes not included
  • Some riders may find too many workout options to be surplus


I consider the S27i as an almost apex bike. I do. It just features so many premium qualities that extend far beyond its shiny exterior. I mentioned the words ‘fitness hub’ for the above entry, and I meant it, but this upright bike comes first every time.

From extra dumbells for off-bike workout routines to the whopping 27″ touchscreen that rivals most home cinema systems, the S27i may just be one of the best bikes in existence, and that’s without iFit integration even mentioned yet.

But what else makes this true state of the art?

With a premium 30w sound system, crystal clear audio, trainer-led workouts (guided routes), a holistic collection of interactive workouts, and streamed worldwide on-demand workouts, you’re not only running out of breath reading them out, but you’re also staying far away from running out of options.

As far as the bike build itself is concerned you get access to an ergonomic almost military-feeling machine. The haptics of the handlebar, optimisation of the seat positioning and the smooth ride properties created by the pedaling action and interia-designed flywheel all give you a ride to remember. This isn’t just a ‘get on and pedal’ this is an indoor bike built for deluxe riding experiences.


If you don’t like almost unlimited variety, amazing HD routes to follow, crystal clear audio and great onboard engineering, then this bike isn’t for you.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the NordicTrack Commercial S27i Studio Cycle here.

Best High End Nohrd Exercise Bike:

Nohrd Upright Exercise Bike (5 x colour options)

Key Features

  • Available in various woods
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Perfectly weighted flywheel
  • Precise planetary gearing system
  • Solid wooden and steel frame
  • Fold over handlebars to accommodate a wooden table for workstation option
  • Optional seat with backrest.
  • No console – uses handheld devices only
  • Rubber wheels for manoeuvrability
  • Suitable for body height range 160cm – 200cm
  • Maximum user weight 31.5 stone (200kg)
  • Floor space 80cm x 60cm
  • Incredible space-saving design (o.44 sq meters)
  • Unique look and feel with an array of inviting finish options
  • Precision engineering from industry-leading manufacturers
  • Brilliantly balanced flywheel relative to frame providing a balanced workout and keeping you safe
  • Unique look may only be for some
  • No console


When we think of words like premium, we often think of sleek and modern-looking bikes. But what the words sleek and modern are often missing are the words rare and unique.

For those who don’t like uniform expectations, the Nohrd upright bike should strike the right chord. This gorgeous bike maintains a natural look and feel while integrating itself into a modern semantic context. This blend of worlds is exactly what makes the Nohrd Upright Bike so striking, but it’s the meeting of beauty and function that creates the crescendo here.

From the advanced planetary gearing to the wear-free brake technology to the point engineering, this bike is a beacon for well-designed alternative machines everywhere. With a focus on life span, component integrity, and small but smart features, this machine is a welcomed addition to any home gym or health club set-up. For the ultimate home cycling experience, for a unique and memorable ride, bikes like this are exactly what you want – they’re the first thing you’d see in a bike shop and the last thing you’d see when you leave.

So what about when you ride this marvel?

Well, as soon as the soles of your feet touch the hybrid pedals, you’re presented with great power potential. Because of the magnetic brake resistance and infinitely variable pedal stroke, you can maximise your riding experience by pushing your physical and mental game to the limits.

A true riding experience isn’t just one that’s comfortable, any machine needs to encourage growth too, and the Nohrd Upright Bike does both.

Consider this machine now.

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Best High End Spirit Exercise Bike:

Spirit Johnny G Exercise Bike

Key Features

  • Powered by a generator built into the bike
  • Will retain workout information up to 10 minutes after user stops pedalling
  • 21kg (46lb) Flywheel
  • Magnetic resistance – never needs calibration
  • 0-20 Resistance levels
  • 5 x built-in programmes
  • Telemetric heart rate monitoring using both Garmin & Bluetooth chip modules
  • Saddle and handle bars adjust both horizontally and vertically
  • Pedals dual-sided with SPD and straps
  • Comfort moulded seat
  • Additional resistance buttons on handle bars
  • Incredibly considered, sleek aesthetics
  • Luxury ergonomic feel for rideability value
  • Heavy flywheel weight for realistic experience
  • Clear heads-up display for mid-ride ease of use
  • Warranty isn’t great – most Spirit bikes have a 10-year on certain parts
  • would expect more built-in programs (only 5)


Sleek, sharp, curvaceous – fans of machines reserved for the best will be overjoyed with this entry.

This special edition Spirit bike boasts a luxurious ergonomic feel, carefully considered aesthetics and a realistically weighted ride response. A truly grabbing entry, both the looks and engineering of this bike give no doubts as to the price tag justification here.

But as always, looks aren’t everything, so what is about the delicate engineering and carefully considered design decisions that sit this indoor bike in the upper echelon range?

The electronically controlled magnetic resistance system really feels fluid. The workout data is ample and makes the console feel to the point and sharply designed (the console power zone program is of note here – breaking down different power balances can be really useful mid-workout). The flywheel weight (21kg) creates a real road bike feel, and this can be super rare in the indoor biking world. The heavier flywheel also results in a fluid and smooth action too, leaving you fighting the actual resistance of the power system, not a badly designed pedal and flywheel component.

One of the best premium exercise bikes on this list, the Spirit Johnny G weighs in heavy and raises the bar of what to expect from deluxe indoor cycling around the world.

A great pick for those with even greater taste.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Spirit Johnny G Exercise Bike here.

Best High End Proform Exercise Bike:

Proform Tour de France 10.0 Exercise Bike Spinning Bike

Key Features

  • TDF style bike
  • Alloy steel and metallic fibre hybrid
  • Battery powered
  • Language – English
  • Dimensions – 158 x 63 x 137 cm; 67 Kilograms
  • 10″ Console
  • 0-20 incline and 0-10 decline
  • Digital control options
  • Immersive and engaging workout programs
  • Personal coach capability
  • Aux music connector
  • Touch screen functionality
  • Great warranty
  • Unique programs only available on this bike
  • Unique colouring and design only available on this bike
  • Great ease of seat adjustability
  • Entertainment features
  • Console looks a little dated
  • Speakers aren’t the best quality, headphones can be a better choice


A special entry with a special place in the hearts of many, the Proform Tour de France 10.0 Exercise Bike Spinning Bike is a stand-out machine in the dense world of fitness equipment.

But what really makes it so special, beyond the paint job and eye-grabbing name?

Firstly, the uniqueness of the training mantra is crystal clear here – Proform wants you to realise just how immersed in the Tour De France world you should be. With programs centred around tracking the real stages of the world-famous bike you can ride in the moment and work out amongst the greats. Follow a guide and work through these stages as you want.

Besides the looks, the hallmark silent magnetic resistance system allows for digital control and an undeniably easy process that stomps most bikes in an instant. When you combine all of the bespoke programs with ease of use and the high-definition screen, well, the console gives you and this bike a boost every time you use it.

And to accommodate for that boost you have access to a deluxe seat with great adjustability options. Like always, and in line with what we’ve come to expect from premium indoor cycles, adjustability is paramount to making a bike feel like yours, so a big a box ticked on that front.

This machine is a one-of-a-kind bit of kit, if you want to feel motivated and unique, then this ProForm creation might just be the one for you.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Proform Tour de France 10.0 Exercise Bike Spinning Bike here.


At the end of it all, no matter the price tag I think we can agree we’ve found the cream of the crop here. The best exercise bikes will always come at a cost, but to what end?

Well, taking advantage of these premium features and inspiring extras will help you reach your goal. It’s a fact. Whether you enjoy the simple pleasure of an awe-inspiring ride feel or embody the tech-enhanced trainer you won’t just be playing a fitness role you’ll be living it.

From a stationary bike to the fitness floor, a recumbent bike to the peak of a mountain, a peloton bike to the velodrome, these machines act as a gateway to your future well-being, so why not make that gateway as nurturing as possible?

After reading this far, I sincerely hope that you’ve at least spun one cycle closer to finding the best match for you.

As ever, it’s all about the details, the finer parts of these bikes and because we’re far more detailed than any individual product is always worth remembering that your needs will be just as complex.

Don’t rush into things like ‘today’s best deals’ or ‘indoor cycling on a budget’, take your time, understand what could really change your fitness game, and make an informed buying decision today.

It’s your life, workout smart. Decide on the best high-end exercise bike now.


What do you mean by recumbent exercise bikes?

Recumbent bikes are machines that centre around a reclined riding position.

This position can be especially good for those with physical health requirements, like a bad back or accessibility issues, but can also promote a more relaxed way of working out.

It’s just a preference facet but recumbent bikes are a great alternative for those who don’t like the upright position.

What do you mean by a smart exercise bike?

Smart exercise bikes are machines that house great technology.

Things like screens, auto adjust bikes, and external device connections are all aspects of what we consider to be a smart exercise bike.

Will I find the best exercise bike in the spin bikes range?

The best bikes are usually spin bikes, but it’s always good to research what else could be out there.

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