ICAROS GAMES – Dolomites – You can now explore one of the most iconic and fascinating countrysides of Europe

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Enhancing your fitness game with natural wonders, amazing landscapes and world-bending nature, all through the power of VR

Just imagine. It’s summer, you’re in the south of France or on a trip to Switzerland. You turn your head, maybe even to the mountain huts on rolling hills of northern Italy, to see mountain trails and natural beauty in abundance. While these alpine meadows sound beautifully possible, they also sound beautifully far off. We don’t all have the money to visit a mountain range or the Mediterranean coast, and even if we have the money, we might not have the time.

In order to follow our fitness dreams, however, we need to focus on what matters. Health first, not a bad motto, but what if we could combine some of our reaching dreams with our dedication to fitness? And what if we could do it… in our front room?

Whether you want a Greek island or mountain range of southern Italy, all you need is your imagination. To help with that imagination, ICAROS released their brilliantly composed VR experience Dolomites. Yes, it sees you explore the Dolomites, but in reality, you could be anywhere you wanted. And with ICAROS experiences like this being compatible with a range of their products you won’t be short of entering this dreamy landscape, unlocking your fitness potential and discovering new ways of sustaining core strength and improving cardiovascular health.

All you need to do is read on to discover the power of one single ICAROS experience, and to join the ranks of those who’s improved their fitness lifestyle and had a smile on their face throughout.

Without further waiting, let’s take a brisk flight over the northern slopes of the Italian Dolomites, and discover the rich and forwarding thinking approach to fitness solutions.

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  • Photo-realistic art assets
  • Expansive nav-mesh (large play area)
  • Low Ping responsiveness
  • Multi-Device Compatability
  • 3D lighting
  • Headtracking
ICAROS GAMES - Dolomites - Alps


  • Sprawling map
  • Incredibly detailed and accurate scenery
  • Replayability
  • Dynamic exploration
  • In-Game modes
  • Difficulty variation
ICAROS GAMES - Dolomites - flying over the alps

Compatible Products

Pros and Cons

  • Sensitive and precise reactivity, heightening responsive feel
  • Immersive graphics (room for improvement) with detailed map dimensions
  • Free moving to help target muscle groups with precision
  • Varying temporal length for personal preference
  • Questionable ”photorealism”
  • No interactivity

Overall Verdict:

So, with modern technology fusing with fitness equipment, you can now fly through the air in your favourite local Italian countryside. A year-round destination, the Dolomites boast beautiful landscapes, detailed scenery, and… trees. So with the ability to bring your walking holiday (wingsuit holidays?) to your front room, so does an unquestionable excitement to engage with this experience.

Dramatic landscapes, hidden gems, and calorie burning, you have to love it. And with the overall effect of exploring a landscape while genuinely gaining beneficial fitness improvements, I have to give this one a positive rating at the end of the day. While ICAROS have boasted photo realism, I have to disagree with this – take a look at the graphical fidelity in the video on their website… does that look like a photo? No. It doesn’t. But that’s not the point – the question should be, does it look like you’re going to feel as though you’re flying over an engaging environment?

Either way, I loved the feeling and responsiveness of the headtracking and body movements when testing this game with various ICAROS equipment. It’s the feeling of extension, bodily extension, that really gives these games life. They also make me feel like I’m going about fitness in a smart way. Overall, if I’m working out in interesting ways, targeting muscle groups using methods I wouldn’t mind in a gym, then I’m advancing my game as soon as I open up this game. Simple. And if I can learn a thing or two about beautiful beaches, beautiful villages or specifically mountain ranges of Italy then even better –

Added value is added value.

In conclusion, I loved this one. It doesn’t result in a fun and responsive way to lose weight or stay fit, and while the graphics were questionable in laces, the overall experience outweighed the negatives, and really helped to bring the ICAROS machines to life.

What I Liked About This VR Software

Specifically? I loved the in-game challenges. I seriously enjoyed the checkpoint flight challenge, having to fly through hoops while gliding over the interesting landscape was brilliant. It demanded that I concentrate on either aligning my body or using precise head movement to really hit these targets. This made me use my body in really decisive ways, again targeting muscle groups and strengthening overall dexterity throughout my body. While this level of precision was great, the free-flying was awesome too. Part of what I want from working out is the occasional relaxing and healthy mindset-based session. Burning calories, working on core strength – it can all be done with a relaxed mindset through the free fly sessions. As you glide, utilising your body or head movement, you get to learn things about your environment, discover hidden gems and improve mental cognition too. Brilliant. And just like an award-winning restaurant, you really do feel like you’re getting the best of the best here.

Another thing I love about this experience is the wingsuit itself, and the first-person and third-person camera. This sort of classic game option is super important, not just because it exists classically in games but because it can enhance your sense of personalisation and connection to the experience. Why is this really important? Because it gives you more of a chance of wanting to get back on your ICAROS machine, experience the game in other ways, and keep you motivated to burn calories too.

Things That Could Have Been Better

Besides the graphical fidelity, I feel like ICAROS could have put more time into activity variation. The in-game challenges and modes are nice at present, with the hoop checkpoint and free mode being fun, but by designing more modes, you would get far more out of this unique experience. For example, an item collection, scenery picture collection, and follow the leader could have been added here. It’s not that the experience needs more variation, it’s that it could always add more value with only a little more thinking.

I also think the variation in vehicle/avatar choice could be expanded on too. I love the Redbull wingsuit but maybe some deep customisation or an entirely new set of vehicles could be good too.

Relative to fitness and challenge, I think a tricks or special moves challenge would be ace too. Specifically demanding certain moves with the fore-knowledge of targeting muscles in certain ways could increase the amount of fitness worthiness found in this game.

Other than that, I had a lot of fun using this mode. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to plunge myself into a world of health and fun, and with so many different ICAROS models to use it with, it’s always worth the effort.


Other than the gear, what’s so appealing about VR games specifically?

Well, with ICAROS games Dolomites you can now explore one of the most iconic and fascinating countryside of Europe. Discover mountain trails on a virtual year-round destination, and bring walking holidays to your front room. It’s a brand new way to explore a world right in front of you, and the potential for fitness enhancement that this has is tantalising.

What else can VR exploration games offer?

Immersing yourself in a ski resort, detailed mountain range, revisiting lake geneva and central Greece – any virtual environment can be designed to plunge you literally anywhere, that’s why they’re so powerful.

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