ICAROS GAMES – GRAVITY – Takes you from space to earth in a spectacular vertical free fall


Open up a breathtaking virtual world with cutting-edge virtual reality fitness equipment

ICAROS isn’t the only body making astronomical leaps. In fact, the entire virtual reality industry has a galaxy-sized space to grow in. And it is, fast. The VR world is taking fitness equipment to the moon. In an unlikely blending of fitness and technology, we can finally reach the stars of our gamification dreams. What do I mean by that?

You, I, and everyone you know can now enhance their fitness lifestyle in virtual worlds to entirely unique health benefits.


From an intense workout to a relaxing session of deep exploration, ICAROS has released a rocket-fuelled library of what they coin, Exergames. These experiences combined fun, entertainment, and traditional gaming values with their health-optimised, forward-thinking fitness machines. And with a gravitational force pulling in thousands of ICAROS fans… what’s really so great about these classic game modes?

Or is it the blend of fitness and fun that’s primarily driving popularity?

Breathtaking virtual worlds aren’t just breathtaking for the immersion – if you so choose, you can work yourself out with great benefits and excursions if you like. More specifically, when body balance and muscular priming are involved, you’re flying through core strength development, calorie burning, muscular endurance, general mobility and flexibility, and of course, fuelling all the benefits of mental health and fitness.

All in all, ICAROS has set the flight platform for fitness of the future. These exergames? The nails that hold the incentive together. And with the constantly updating and developing ICAROS App, you’ll be getting more than just a few games to choose from.

Now, let’s get to the control room and read what you really came for – GRAVITY.

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  • Expansive nav-mesh (large play area)
  • Low Ping responsiveness
  • Multi-Device Compatability
  • HD HUD
  • 3D lighting
  • Headtracking


First-person navigability

Having a first-person perspective really helps drop you into an immersive environment. This type of camera helps pinpoint accuracy, coordination, and responsiveness too. To ensure you drop through space to earth in a spectacular vertical free fall, you have to see through the eyes of the avatar you’re controlling, especially with navigation challenges.

Hex grid checkpoint mode

This mode is awesome for challenging your reflexes. As the main mechanic in Gravity, you have to make sure you combine the body weight of your avatar (affecting fall speed) with horizontal movement speed and object movement and placement. It’s amazing. And it’s this mode that really makes it an experience instead of a game.

Free fall mode

You can enjoy just simply falling too. A little like exploring a fascinating under water world, you can fall at your own pace. In order to explore underwater worlds, you have to take a little time. You won’t get that as much with Gravity, but you can really take in the sights.

Brilliant art asset design

Gravity lets you witness a great array of art asset design, with creative focus on object variation you can be sure to experience scene after scene of what feels like a set design on a big budget film. While Sandra Bullock’s stayed away for this one, the rest of the experience, from space to earth, is chock full of objects and cool designs.

Dynamic object movement

To help with the above points, bringing the scenery to life and adding to the challenging parcours of the game, you get moving, sweeping and lively object movement. Two gaming modes is great, and unlike wanting to explore photo realisitc environments, Gravity makes you love the fact that the environment is actually a challenge here.

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  • Constantly changing landscape for high energy experience
  • Gaming modes provide an intense workout for muscles
  • Great outer space feel
  • Amazing immersion with brilliant creative direction
  • Graphical fidelity
  • Animation rigidity

Overall Verdict:

Another forward-thinking and creative entry in the ICAROS series, Gravity challenges your coordination, your core strength and more. With a creative design and take on events that may happen if you were to fall from space, from the space station to low-flying planes, I really felt like I was immersed in a carefully designed world. Most ICAROS users will be excited to see yet another experience that demands a lot of body control and really dynamic movements. Breathtaking alpine scenery aside, this one’s for those who want a more exciting, faster-paced, harder reaction time challenge.

All in all, I loved the game. However, I do think things need finessing in areas, especially in the way of variety and replayability. I don’t know how many times I’m going to play this myself, but I do know that the kids love it. My family and friends can come round, and their kids will love it too. Simple. And if I want another great game to buddy up with other ones, then this is certainly one for the library.

What I Liked About This VR Software

Where to start, from the awesome glider to the rich hud and data points, I loved everything about the character. Touching on the scenery, I loved all that came with a space station in turmoil, conflict of objects in the air, and ever thrilling descent through chaos. It was great. I loved the way it felt, the way it captivated me, and the way it gave me something to tell my kids (and for them to be excited by, too, of course).

Beyond excitement, it helps train my core stability in a similar way to the dragon game and having to fight aerial pirates. Swift movement demanding both concentration and physical exertion really boosted my connection to ICAROS and gave me a rewarding feeling at the end, whilst reminding me that fitness can always be fun if I want it to be.

All in all a greatly designed game with maximum sci-fi feels and a testament to ICAROS’s futurist outlook on fitness.

Things That Could Have Been Better

The graphics are questionable in places. Because the scene, or scenes, contain a lot of movement and individual assets, unfortunately, some graphical sacrifice has had to be made – how could you possibly feel like you’re in the future when you’re playing with graphics of the past? Simple. It’s easy to look past this, however, so don’t worry here.

With graphical sacrifice, you can expect animations to be a little hindered too. With a lot of things happening, you can only give so much detail to animation realisticness. If you notice the way in which your character’s arms move, planes glide, and things fall… it can feel a little… off. Again, not a problem, but if you want software for the future, cutting edge and ready to be instated at the upper echelon level… this isn’t it.


This ICAROS game includes… anything else?

No, what you see is what you get. It’s a great experience with a tonne of dynamic scenery and challenge, but it does play out fairly linearly and to your expectations every time. Maybe a few more modes would be cool, but you don’t get them…just yet.

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