ICAROS GAMES – FLIGHT – Lets you explore a glacier landscape and provides challenging parcours and a shooter that requires perfect body control

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ICAROS GAMES – AIM – Flight in a breathtaking alpine scenery

Wow, flight is another great entry in the ICAROS line up. Its brilliant approach to flying simulations is really good. It lets you control an avatar and fly around to your heart’s content – but is it worth buying?

Cast your mind back for a moment – remember when games looked like a bowl of pixels? Yeah, I remember too. And because of the limitations of VR in a graphical sense, while they’ve come a long way, they’re still a little rough around the edges.

But I’ve got some good news…

Thankfully the experience itself is absolutely breathtaking alpine scenery. I couldn’t believe how good this whole game was in giving me back something for my time and money, and with the ICAROS machines being so cutting edge, I felt like these were the very edges that were being cut.

Perfect body control, virtual reality, explore underwater worlds – flight, like others, lets you explore. Explore what? A glacier landscape and provides challenging parcours and a shooter that requires perfect body control. And you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a whole bunch of ICAROS users online, talking about this game and competing with each other. ICAROS users have said these games are brilliant, and I have to agree. And with the games’ approach to fitness, you can see why they’re talking about it. It’s incredible.

I can’t believe this ICAROS game includes a ring mode, a responsive flight mode, and so much more. So if you’re still worried about whether or not this game is going to lift your spirits, your fitness game and your smile, then don’t be.

You’ll be so happy with this purchase, let me tell you.

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  • HD graphics
  • Kinetic responsiveness
  • Azimuth accuracy
  • Pinpoint directionality
  • Multi-device compatibility
ICAROS GAMES - FLIGHT - with multiple players


Ring through mode

What more could you want from a game that lets you fly around in low res environments? Rings. This smashing flight simulator lets you literally fly through virtual rings. Incredible. Acting as a checkpoint stage-type challenge, you get to aim your arms with a thrilling objective of flying through every one of these little rings. When you do, you’ll be twisting and turning like a little snake and burning calories, training core excellence and really just having a blast.

Terrain immersion

What’s that over in the distance? Oh yeah, some hills! I couldn’t believe the terrain I was flying over – snowy mountains taken straight from a classic James Bond game blew my mind. I felt like I was flying through a breathtaking virtual world for up to three minutes. The hills were really impressive I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Multiplayer races, two gaming modes… it’s unreal.

Tunnel exploration

I think we’ve all wanted to explore tunnels, especially in the younger days of our lives. With a dynamic map that moulds your perception of what maps can really be, you get to dive oh so deep down into some low-res textured tunnels, just so you can say you’ve done it! When you’re flipping your body round, burning those calories and affecting your fitness game, you’ll be proud of yourself too. Proud of what? Making the best buying decision you’ve ever made!

Shooting target fun

Having fun is one thing, but having fun shooting linear flying targets is another. Forget dragon game for a second, you get to blast targets out of the sky with a low-rate firing, not-so-futuristic in-game weapon. This level of accuracy really makes you feel like a fighter pilot of the 80s! Incredible focus on gaming modes provides a great deal of absolutely immense variation. I love it, every step of the way.

Enemy planes

Improving fitness is smashing fun. When you get to fight aerial pirates or race sharks, it’s even more smashing. But what’s actually more smashing than that is the total immersion ICAROS home gives you. But Icaros home isn’t what we’re here for… it’s FLIGHT! Enemy planes let you target core muscles, extra muscles and more muscles on top of that. Why not aim for the high score and show off to your other accomplished friends that you finally achieved it? Train stability, core stability, and other calorie-burning bodily areas here.

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  • Flying Game
  • Virtually a world in your hands
  • Muscle groups will benefit
  • Create exciting stories to tell your friends
  • Bespoke and unique muscle group targeting
  • Mountains look suspicious at times
  • Potential for perceptual G-Force disruption

Overall Verdict:

Why even ask me this question? I loved it. I think you can tell at this point that I’m eager to play again. It really let me train my body in super unique ways that I wouldn’t have dreamt of. I don’t need to go to the gym anymore, honestly. All I need to do is eat healthily, hit my targets and remind myself of why I’m doing this – for the gains.

But gamification isn’t just for gains, it’s for big smiles too. I can’t believe the absolute joy I had in flying around, controlling a plane-like vehicle and shooting my way around. It reminded me of an 80s action film, and certainly left me feeling like one afterwards – worn out!

I personally aim for the high score over and over again. I need to feel like the best, and with ICAROS releasing top-quality products like this? After buying them, I kind of already do.

Get ready for an intense workout, a highly optimized experience, and gaming scenarios you wouldn’t even think of. Enemy submarines, machine settings manta rays… ICAROS know how to give me completely memorable options.

Would recommend.

What I Liked About This VR Software

Where to start… I think the feeling of controlling a plane vehicle machine was awesome. I could turn left, up, down and right with this incredible and powerful machine. It made me feel like I was blitzing it! As I got more into the role of a Tom Cruise fighter pilot, I could feel the fat falling off of me. I like the enemy movement too. You can chase enemies round and really feel like an apex predator. This is one of the most entertaining active VR experiences I’ve encountered, and just like a fascinating under water world I could feel the different muscle groups swimming around. With sharp banks, dashing strafes and futuristic feels, let’s just say I feel like becoming Will Smith in Independence Day!

Another thing I liked about this game was how it compliments the others in the list. With attention to detail in all departments – namely the mountain range points and the dusty grey and white textures, this helped tie into experiences like The Dolomites. With all of the games considered… I’m improving reflexes in different ways across the board, with all games considered. Workout intensities are now depicted by in-game challenges, and this is the future today.

Things That Could Have Been Better

I don’t love the fact that my fitness intensities are depicted by in-game challenges. I love difficulty levels, but I want to feel like I’m in control here. If a pilot was experiencing G-force, would he want to control how much g-force was thwacking him around or not? I think so. So while I like that the in-game challenges are a challenge, I almost want more here. Various VR headsets will work with this, which is great, but it’d be good to have a better non-VR mode for times that I feel dizzy from all that loop the looping.

I also feel like they could up the game here. They could combine worlds and really blow the minds out of the people. For example, if I could be shooting manta rays and battle, or chasing dear but in the skies above a mountain range? It’d certainly be more memorable.


Is virtual reality worth it?

It certainly will be in the future. For now, take advantage of some of the great and ambitious experiences that hit our screens.

Why do some games last up to three minutes?

Because that is the appropriate time for certain experiences like the predator-prey – you don’t want to be hunting dear for that long, do you? Some are longer, like ones that let you explore photo realisitc environments, but virtual worlds don’t all have to be exploratory.

Which game has a spectacular vertical free fall?

A few of the ICAROS games feature this. It’s brilliant and so spectacular. Check out Space for the spectacular virtual free fall.

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