Best exercise bike under £1000

Best exercise bike under £1000

Improving your fitness lifestyle with mid-range exercise bikes under £1000

Just because we don’t have to max out our credit cards to buy a top machine doesn’t mean we have to skim off the top either. Naturally, you can get some amazing machines from the very low-end range, and often that’s all you need. But why stop at need?

I’ve always considered fitness enhancements to be life enhancements. I benefit so heavily from the plethora of gear, teachings, technology, dietary plans – all of which can come to a reasonable total. However, I’ve never doubted once that it hasn’t been worth it, and if you’re not already well on your way up the fitness ladder, then this is going to be a great way to start.

From the basic spin bike to the premium recumbent bikes, flywheel weight to a magnetic resistance system, we’ve got some premium bikes with cutting-edge components that’ll surely result in equally as cutting edge fitness regimes. You don’t have to be shopping for sunny health fitness quality to reach your own fitness goals, all you have to do is know how to buy the right bike for you.

So let’s cycle through some amazing quality mid-range bikes and see whether all of the added benefits of a reasonable price range are worth it.

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In A Rush?

  Best JLL: Best Life Fitness: Best NordicTrack: Best Proform: Best Sole:
Brand JLL Life Fitness NordicTrack Proform Sole
Model Sonic Air Bike IC1 GX 4.6 Pro Smart Power 10.0 B94
Photo F3
Resistance Air resistance Friction Resistance 24 levels (Digital Resistance) 22 levels (Magnetic Resistance) 20 levels
Max. Weight 130 kg 130 kg 147 kg n/a 136 kg
Assembled Dimensions 139L x 67W x 124H cm 115L x 55W x 110H cm 110.7L x 63.2W x 150.8H cm 143L x 56W x 139H cm 123L x 58W x 152H cm
PRICE* £679.99 £895.00 £799.00 £999.00 £999.00
      No Longer Available  
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*Prices correct at the time of writing

Best JLL Exercise Bike Under £1000:

JLL Sonic Air Bike, Premium Air Resistance Fan Bike (£679.99)

Key features

  • Resistance – Air resistance
  • Flywheel – Secure flywheel cage
  • Belt – Direct belt-driven system
  • Monitor – LCD display that shows the time, distance, speed, calories burned, wattage, and heart rate 
  • Crank – Strong 3-piece crank system
  • Adjustable Seat – 9 vertical adjustments and 5 horizontal adjustments are available 
  • Handlebars – Ergonomic L-shaped design for comfort
  • Pedals – Fitted pedals 
  • Fan resistance system that lasts longer
  • Large angled blades for more resistance
  • Secure flywheel cage
  • Internal belt system
  • Smooth and consistent ride
  • Pedals aren’t as durable as some were expecting
  • Some of the bolts become loose over time


First of all, for those who may not be privy to this type of technology – an air bike works as it sounds; it’s comprised of fans that spin as you pedal, adding resistance at an infinitely variable rate until you, well, pass out and can’t spin anymore.

But what makes this bike so great is the long life span element. Specifically, the air resistance system and rubber belt system result in a healthy component life span, adding longevity to your purchase and keeping you from having to buy another anytime soon.

I don’t want to linger on the obvious points – yes, vertical and horizontal seat adjustments are great, but they’re found on most indoor cycling bikes. What I want to highlight here is the great attention to stats and data detail. The built-in display shows me real-time stats that eventually lead to a really innovative feature – fitness scan. This feature uses my real-time stats to approximate and guide me mid-workout. It gives me recommendations and allows me to set specific goals and work towards them without even having to think.

Spin bikes don’t always have this level of technology, and if you’re thinking about what the best exercise bikes have to offer, I’d place this reasonably high on the list.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the JLL Sonic Air Bike, Premium Air Resistance Fan Bike here.

Best Life Fitness Exercise Bike Under £1000:

Life Fitness IC1 Exercise Bike £895.00

Key Features

  • 18kg perimeter weighted flywheel
  • Poly-V belt drivetrain (friction resistance)
  • Drivetrain Gear Ration 1:3
  • Solid steel frame
  • Q factor 6.81”(173mm)
  • Crank CrMo 6.79” (17.25cm)
  • Post and Sliders – chrome plated, spring pin lock
  • User weight 20.5 stone (130kg)
  • Size L x 115cm W x 55cm H x 110cm (45.3” x 21.7” x 43.3”)
  • Product weight 51kg
  • Great Warranty Range
  • Very Sturdy Construction
  • Durable Transport Wheels for Movability
  • Amazing Adjustability for Seating
  • Great Narrow Q-Factor
  • Not Bluetooth enabled.
  • Limited Handlebar Adjustment (only vertically) – Limits Rider Height


The IC1 is unique. I have to say it. You only need to glance over this bike once to notice that a few design aspects have been approached differently. From the chrome posts to the (more than) handy sweat guard, the IC1 feels like an alternative entry to this list and a guaranteed plus to your home gym set-up.

Before going into the nitty gritty as to why this machine is unique, let’s talk about the frame and style of the bike. The ICG has a fairly standard-looking upright riding position, but it’s the full body workout potential that’s specific here. With this kind of bike, and with generally smaller frame dimensions, demands more physical requirements from your entire body, definitely getting more for your money in this regard. On the same theme, the choice of using chrome posts helps boosts the entire bike’s life span too. The steel frame aside, chrome is highly resistant to corrosion and incredibly durable…. plus it looks great, let’s be honest.

Something that a lot of bikes don’t even mention is a little thing called Q factor. If you want to simulate that real road bike feel, then a narrow Q factor is what you want. Simply, Q factor determines the distance from the pedal attachments to the central crank (component you turn to change resistance). With the IC1 having a Q factor of 6.81″ (173 cm) well, you can expect a professional and streamlined riding experience.

Unlike a lot of upright exercise bikes, this entry feels professional, sharp, and a top choice for an indoor cycling bike.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Life Fitness IC1 Exercise Bike here.

Best NordicTrack Exercise Bike Under £1000:

NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro Exercise Bike (£799.00)

Key Features

  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Autobreeze fan
  • Extra wide pedals with straps
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • One touch controls
  • 11Kg flywheel weight
  • Over 50 workout options on the console
  • 7″ display
  • Tablet holder
  • Huge range of console workout options
  • Various data streams for workout regime optimisation
  • App integration for both fitness and entertainment enhancements
  • Sturdy and reliable build
  • Trusted brand for reassurance
  • Connectivity can be temperamental
  • Large dimensions not good for space-saving needs


At first glance, this NordicTrack looks like another run-of-the-mill bike, and if I hadn’t taken a closer look too, I would have thought the same. I do think the aesthetics are a little dated, but it’s the console that grabs me, and it’s the console that made me want to get back on and discover more about the bike I’d just chosen.

With over 50 workout options, detailed stats and guidance, one-touch controls and a little Bluetooth extra, the console makes this bike a steal. In fact, because the console is so fleshed out, this upright bike is a smart exercise bike in my eyes, not to mention the app integration too. This machine is the perfect example as to why indoor bikes triumph over outdoor bikes in many cases; an outdoor bike may feel better, but you could never get this level of workout enhancement. And that’s a problem.

Other than the console (and the mighty tablet holder), the bike is sturdy, reliable, comfy and easy to adjust. Upright bikes have to tick the basics, and for the price range, we’d expect certain levels of comfort. With the adjustability of the seat as well, this entry ticks those boxes twice.

A classic feeling bike with a modern and tech-riddled feature list, I would definitely recommend it to those seeking more than the average workout.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro Exercise Bike here.

*No Longer Available. See Best Alternative

Best Proform Exercise Bike Under £1000:

Proform Smart Power 10.0 Exercise Bike (£999.00)

Key Features

  • iFit membership (30 Day trial)
  • Interactive personal training
  • 22 magnetic resistance levels
  • Vertical and horizontal seat adjustments
  • Pedal toe clips and straps
  • Water bottle holder
  • Aux port
  • 2 loudspeakers
  • 10-inch touchscreen display
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Easy to adjust
  • Plenty of engaging workouts
  • Comfort features to improve ride feel
  • Nice aesthetic with low-cost materials
  • Manageable size for one person
  • Does feel a little cramped while on the bike due to console placement
  • Not the easiest to assemble, some may struggle


This bike was the first to change my mind on something. I was dead set for years – I hated plastic. I used to think it looked cheap and underdeveloped. While a lot of machines can look like this, the Smart Power 10.0 manages to use carefully considered material selection and look good. Before we’ve even got into the bike, I respect it for that alone.

Now, Exercise bikes like this are fairly straightforward. There isn’t necessarily an ingenious level of engineering at play, but the designers did factor in a 12kg flywheel with 22 levels of resistance and silent magnetic resistance at that. A spinning bike should consider details such as noise, resistance levels and resistance manipulation (crank, disc or digital), and there’s no doubt that the choices made for this bike feel right.

I’m always excited by the look of a bike, and this machine gets me smiling. The 10″ full-colour touch display is a great addition to any bit of gym equipment. With an eye drawing design, crystal clear clarity and an index full of workout programs, it’s hard not to see the value here. But besides the above factors, this bike is reasonably standard as to engineering and extra features. Yes, we could always ask for more innovation or uniqueness, but if you want a solid bike built to last that looks great, then why ask for more?

We’re not here to find the best bike on the market, we’re here to find the best bike for under a £1000. There’s no reason why the Smart power 10.0 wouldn’t benefit your fitness lifestyle.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Proform Smart Power 10.0 Exercise Bike here.

Best Sole Exercise Bike Under £1000:

Sole B94 Upright Exercise Bike (£999.00)

Key Features

  • 1-20 Resistance levels
  • Foot pedals with 2-degree inward slope
  • 9kg Flywheel
  • Crank Length 165mm (6.5″)
  • Console 9″ LCD Display
  • Cooling fan
  • Integrated Bluetooth Speakers
  • MP3/Apple connectivity
  • USB Charging
  • Tablet/Smartphone Holder
  • Multi-Position Hand Grips
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Great build life for added value
  • Carefully considered extras for user satisfaction
  • Entertainment options to keep you motivated
  • Heavy build qualities for a harder workout option
  • Great user weight capacity
  • Heavy duty aesthetics and feel, some may prefer a lighter ride
  • No self-balancing pedals – can be frustrating for those wanting absolute ease


You don’t need a peloton bike to see you through. You don’t even need a smooth and quiet ride to burn calories and stay fit, all you need is a solid build, great durability, good maintenance qualities and a range of extras to enhance your workout if you need to, and the Sole B94 fitness bike has it all.

The 9″ display is crystal clear and will show you all the data you need to track a great workout and get losing calories. Bluetooth capabilities give you even more options and make the bike feel connected to you. This is incredibly important – turning your machinery into custom equipment will work wonders for your fitness lifestyle. To help support this, you get a brilliant USB charging port with fast charging to help sustain the Bluetooth connectivity and keep you entertained for longer.

Features like the water bottle holder and cooling fan are great too. These make this machine feel like a hub of fitness development, not just any indoor bike.

I also loved the balance between heavy and light. Let me explain. The heavy-duty steel components are used with precision. They’re also used in conjunction with a lightweight frame design, namely through well-engineered tubing and aluminium shrouds. In short, this fine balance results in a sturdy machine that can still be easily moved if needed. Indoor cardio exercises can be difficult when it’s in the same room every day. While the Bluetooth audio speakers and integrated tablet holder make things a lot easier, you’re still a person, and we can all get cabin fever. I cherish being able to move my equipment around, so if you’re like me, then the Sole B94 is a solid choice in this regard.

A stationary bike like this isn’t as common as you think. With unbelievable detail going into one of the best exercise bikes on this list, please check out the specs in more detail.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Sole B94 Upright Exercise Bike here.


A great list of bikes for a potentially great fitness lifestyle. Whether it’s a recumbent bike you’re after, a smart exercise bike, an upright bike or a machine with great user weight, there are always options out there.

I personally cherish solid builds with a focus on life span; if I want to purchase something brilliant, then I don’t want to have to purchase it again a year down the line. I use my money wisely and benefit what my body needs with the same sense of wisdom. Too many times have I heard of people being sucked in by cheaper models only to find out they have to fork out more a few months later – stay away from dodgy equipment. While cheap doesn’t mean bad, nobody wants to be made a fool out of…., especially by their own purchasing decision.


Should I focus on other exercises for a full-body workout?

While cycling could be the best exercise for endurance (if you consider rowing from a mostly cardio full body workout perspective), it completely depends on what you’re after. Cycling can definitely target the entire body but if you want to perform a full body workout to build mass, then go for weights instead. Be on the lookout for deals with bikes that actually come with dumbbells, they can be a great way for you to get into weight lifting while still having access to top-quality cardio equipment

Indoor cycle vs outdoor cycling, why should I make the move to indoor from outdoor?

Cycling is amazing, I love the feeling of long bike rides through nature, but sometimes it’s just not possible. The technology you get from indoor bikes can be astounding too. If you want to warm up, stay fit at home, or enhance your workout in new ways to you, then so much of the indoor biking world can be fruitful here.

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