Best exercise bike under £400

Best exercise bike under £400

Stretching the affordable range without stretching your wallet – the best exercise bikes with today’s best deals.

Looking for a recumbent exercise bike? We’ve got you. After a peloton bike with a great max user weight? We can help for sure. But if you’re looking for some motivation, well, that’s down to you.

I can only help.

Looking through a comprehensive list of shiny and appealing machines can do great things for your motivation. As you search through, comparing machines, you can’t help but imagine yourself on them, but the physique you have in these daydreams won’t just last overnight – you have to be ready for progression.

A good workman never blames his tools, but he should still find the right ones.

Over this review we’ll be breaking down Proform, NordicTrack, and Reebok bikes, to name a few, and we’ll be deconstructing them bit by bit. Having a peek underneath the casing of these indoor bikes reveals a great deal about where your money’s actually going, and if we’re looking to spend only up to £400 then well, you’re going to like what you’re going to read.

From superior and varied magnetic resistance levels to the best exercise bike for posture we’ll be powering through at a comfortable pace with the purchase decision finish line constantly in sight. A spin bike, apex bike, folding exercise bike… without breaking things down here, let’s find the best exercise bike for you.

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In A Rush?

  Best JLL: Best JTX: Best Nordic Track: Best Proform: Best Reebok:
Brand JLL JTX NordicTrack Proform Reebok
Model JF600 Pro Cyclo-Go GX 2.7 U 320 CSX+ Exercise Bike GB60
Photo F3
Resistance Electronic Magnetic Resistance 16 Levels (electro-magnetic resistance) 20 Levels (Digital Resistance Levels) 16 Levels (Digital Resistance) 32 Levels (Electronic Resistance)
Max. Weight 135 kg 120 kg 125 kg 125 kg 135 kg
Assembled Dimensions 147L x 52.5W x 113H cm 101L x 59W x 149H cm 114L x 55W x 148H cm 109L x 56W x 143H cm 110L x 51W x 140H cm
PRICE* £399.99 £399.99 £369.99 £319.52 (£399.99
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*Prices correct at the time of writing

Best JLL Exercise Bike Under £400:

JLL JF600 Pro Upright Exercise Bike For Home (£399.99)

Key features

  • Resistance – Electronic magnetic resistance 
  • Crank – Sturdy 3-piece crank system
  • Monitor – Blue-lit 5.5” monitor that tracks time, speed km h heart, distance, calories, and heart rate
  • Flywheel – 6 KG flywheel
  • Pedals – Comes with adjustable toe straps
  • Handlebars – Built-in pulse sensors and 360-degree adjustability 
  • Seat – Height adjustment levels available
  • Transport – Wheels built-in
  • 12 built-in workout programs
  • Electronic magnetic resistance system with 32 levels for a smoother workout
  • Built-in tablet holder
  • Wheels for easy transport
  • Large easy-to-read monitor
  • Large monitor that tracks speed km h heart, time mins:secs distance km
  • Some users have mentioned that the seat feels uncomfortable
  • No self-generation for power usage


As we move into the £400 range we’re going to see more and more bikes like this. Why? Because with more expenditure potential comes better tech, better builds, and more appeal – so there’s no better place to start than the JLL JF600 Pro Upright Exercise Bike.

With a whopping 32 levels of magnetic resistance levels and with a console suited for home cinema setups, you’ll be feeling the power all over this bike. From the moment you step on with the more than comfy pedals to the money to get off with ease, this JLL machine is a powerhouse with rider comfort in mind.

Variation is integral here, and with personalised workouts and user options, you can tailor this bike to suit your energy needs. Imagine shaping your physique based on parameters developed by top designers, you can’t ask for too much more. And if you are, then carry on reading…

I mentioned comfort, and for the most part, I’m right to do so, but just because a few have complained about the bike seat doesn’t mean I couldn’t carry on using it for the rest of my fitness livelihood. I didn’t find too many problems with the seat, it’s not a padded throne, but I’ve been far more uncomfortable sat on public benches than this bike made for endurance and long-lasting workouts.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the JLL JF600 Pro Upright Exercise Bike For Home here.

Best JTX Exercise Bike Under £400:

JTX Cyclo-Go Home Exercise Bike (£399.99)

Key Features

  • Upright exercise bike with an 11kg flywheel weight
  • Full-colour touch screen display
  • Large extra padded seat
  • Vertical and horizontal seat adjustments
  • 21 built-in workout programs
  • Auto-adjusted resistance levels
  • 2 year in-home service and repair warranty
  • Savable customised workout programs
  • Progress how you want to with customised regime features
  • Personal feel through great adjustability and comfort settings
  • Varied workouts to keep you motivated
  • Mid-weight feel/balanced riding experience
  • Not the biggest console
  • Reasonably dated looks for price range


JTX are heavy hitters in the world of bikes. Unlike weight classes with MMA, JTX have an entry in every price class you can think of. The JTX Cyclo-Go Home Exercise Bike is a great mid-weight entry. That’s mid-weight on the feel, by the way; the price range is still on the affordable side, but the quality doesn’t always lead you to believe this.

Okay, so this entry looks a little dated to me, but I’m more concerned about how it’s going to lose me weight, and so should you be. Aesthetics are important, but unless you’re putting it in a showroom or being that annoying friend who shows it everywhere, then it’s about what’s under the hood.

Let’s break it down.

First of all, due to the 11Kg flywheel weight, the bike has a really nice mid-weight feel to it. It strikes a really nice balance between a smooth and quiet ride, realistic ride feel and a light enough frame for moving. Exercise bikes don’t always get this right, and if we want the right spinning bike without reading PHD papers on exercise bike ergonomics, then a mid-weight entry-level bike isn’t a bad place to start.

Secondly, I love the customisation and personal feel. These come from both the monitor and the bike overall. The vertical and horizontal adjustments of the padded seat and the adjustable handlebars make for an easily tailored bike feel. They’re also very quick and smooth to adjust, meaning that I’ll only be burning calories while spinning, not trying to change the comfort settings. And the console houses a great deal of programs and savable regime options. With 21 built-in programs, it’s safe to say I’ll be busy for a while, when I start to combine those programs to achieve different targets, well, who knows how long I’ll get use out of them.

Brilliant bike, brilliant manufacturer for a great price.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the JTX Cyclo-Go Home Exercise Bike here.

Best NordicTrack Exercise Bike Under £400:

NordicTrack GX 2.7 U Exercise Bike (£369.99)

Key Features

  • Resistance – 20 magnetic resistance levels 
  • Flywheel – 7 KG flywheel 
  • Monitor – LCD monitor with adjustable console angle that shows time, distance, speed, calories burned and heart rate
  • Adjustable Seat – Horizontal seat adjustments are available
  • Handlebars – Stationary with EKG grip pulse sensors built-in
  • Pedals – Adjustable toe straps 
  • Transport – Built-in transport wheels 
  • Great variety of 20 magnetic digital resistance levels
  • 20 workout programs available
  • Easy compatibility with the iFit account for iFit membership
  • Google Maps compatibility
  • Built-in heart rate sensors
  • Dual speakers available
  • Some users found the product assembly was tricky
  • Non-adjustable handlebars


We’ve covered adjustability and comfort in this review, but we’ve not really had a glance at the tech side of this list; for under £400 even I’m surprised how much can be included.

Just look at the feature list: 20 workout programs, dual speakers, google maps compatibility, an iFit membership trial… technology can always be the difference between whether I workout or not, so with this mount of onboard tech, the chances of me coming up with excuses are dramatically lessened.

While all of these features can make a bit of noise and therefore might not be good for use as spin bikes in spinning classes, it certainly feels like a much higher-tiered class given it’s far from the top-rated home gym equipment list. And while the looks may give this away, as soon as I get on, I really can’t tell.

Technology can only take us so far, though. While we’re already getting a deal through all of the entertainment and technology inclusions, we want to make sure it’s not going to fall apart as soon as we start pedalling. Home exercise bikes, stationary bikes, cheap exercise bikes – it doesn’t matter the type, we should always be asking the right question – is this a safe buy?

Absolutely. The frame is more than sturdy enough, components well built and built to last, the movability of this bike is spot on (less chance of damaging while relocating), and the feel is solid. The flywheel weight may be light, but it’s well housed, resulting in a sturdy cycling action and leaving you stress-free.

A good all-rounder, but the technology is simply a steal here.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the NordicTrack GX 2.7 U Exercise Bike here.

Best Proform Exercise Bike Under £400:

Proform 320 CSX+ Exercise Bike (£319.52)

Key Features

  • Home interactive systems
  • iFit workouts (30 Day trial)
  • Access live, studio and global workouts
  • 16 easy-to-adjust silent digital resistance levels (7 kg effective inertia)
  • Tablet holder, water bottle holder
  • Transport wheels
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Music ports
  • 5-inch backlit screen
  • EKG system
  • Greatly considered adjustability and resistance technology
  • Brilliant extras for wider ease (bottle and tablet holders)
  • Entertainment and interaction features
  • Superior guidance through workout programs
  • Not the biggest max user weight
  • Simple aesthetics may put some off


If you have specific goals and want your training to be back to basics, then this machine is ideal for you. But to spin that, this bike has a great deal of features oriented around enhancing your workout too. The console is decent, but the programs are of note here. The music port ability is a great touch, too, adding even more variation and wider value to this fitness machine.

Music source inclusion is great for those wanting to focus, distract or alter their mindset. I myself was running this morning, and I know that the space music puts me in gives me that push. Without it, I don’t think I’d feel comfortable in pushing myself and motivating myself for the next session, so a big box ticked for me.

But we’re not here to just be entertained.

This bike has a great host of internal engineering triumphs, a comfortable riding position, great design to gain access too and in short, it’s more than meets the eye. Some of the intelligent design features really do leave me more surprised, given the price range.

To expand on the above, digital controls let you adjust things silently, without the need for manual cogs turning and so on. The 16 degrees of resistance gives you a game-changing range in which to push through, and the 7kg inertia is what gives that bike a heavy, more realistic feel, like certain treadmills that replicate real-life runs. Simple. And it’s just as simple as to why this bike is brilliantly suited for the majority of riders.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Proform 320 CSX+ Exercise Bike here.

Best Reebok Exercise Bike Under £400:

Reebok Exercise Bike GB60 (£399.99)

Key Features

  • Self-generating power capabilities
  • Premium a build quality
  • Comfort additions
  • Soft hand grips
  • Padded comfort seat
  • Progress tracking
  • Data display (Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Pulse, Watts, Bodyfat, RPM)
  • Light frame – added movability
  • 32 levels of electronic resistance
  • Superior comfort for endurance riding experiences
  • Resistance variety for tailored workouts
  • Extensive workout programs (20) for enhanced fitness routines
  • Ease of mobility due to frame weight and dimensions
  • Amazing aesthetic with trusted brand at the forefront of visual design
  • Handlebars aren’t the best positioned for smaller riders
  • Making partial payments difficult with certain distributors


Indoor cycling doesn’t always have to sound disappointing. For many, it really sounds like nothing compared to the wonders of biking across the UK. But with bikes like this Reebok GB60 serve as a reminder that spin classes, on-demand classes, high-intensity interval training – they can all be cherished through one simple purchase of an indoor bike.

While the thing looks great, feels great and of course, has that trusty Reebok insignia down the side, there’s more than meets the eye. Beyond the pretty aesthetics, we have something serious worth mentioning. But I’m going to frame it with a question – are you more likely to buy a bike if it boasts self-generating energy ability?

With self-generating power comes self-generating money saving. And considering we’re in the under £400 range, then wow, you can save some cash with this machine over time. But we don’t want just to be saving over time, we want to be saving risk potential and hassle.

To address the above, the self-levelling pedals and stable frame both contribute to outstanding balance properties. This also helps with stability if you’re after a full-body workout, keeping you safe and ready for more indoor cycling. If you want a quiet workout, then ergonomic design not only keeps you safe but also houses an element of low noise and low rattle quality to it. With a phone or tablet holder, you can use those superior balance features to steadily watch films or even read during a lower intensity moment of your workout.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Reebok Exercise Bike GB60 here.


We might not have boasted a viavito satori exercise bike, but guess what? We don’t need to. This guide has been deliberately crafted with variety in mind so that you can have lighter frames as your desired target or tech-riddled bikes as your motivating guide. Either way, the choice is yours.

From weight limit to a built-in screen, lcd display to user weight loss over time, there are so many reasons to purchase a bike like the one’s listed here. If you’re after a broader range of more expensive bikes, then be sure to look out for a stationary bike list or recumbent exercise bike list on the site. If you want to lose weight but stay relaxed, then a recumbent bike could be for you.

If you want a small frame with a lighter flywheel but a natural upright bike, then you can find those in abundance too. All you need to do is look.


What makes recumbent bikes so good?

Recumbent bikes let you do all that you can do with upright bikes, but you can maintain a healthy posture, ride for longer with a relaxed endurance approach and generally stay comfy while you’re doing so.

The best home exercise bike is entirely down to preference, but a recumbent bike is a great place to start.

To check out our top 5 recumbent bikes, please click here to review (opens in new tab)

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