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Exploring a virtual world is the stuff of the future. So we thought. But now, VR as an industry is growing more and more, pixel by pixel, every single day. But virtual reality doesn’t have to be simply musing or relaxation. There are so many potential uses of immersing yourself in a 3D world, unrestricted in movement and left to your own devices. Personally, I love the fitness potential for VR. Even further into the future, you might just find that your local gym is virtual, your house is virtual, and hey, even your job exists in the virtual landscape.


Well, when you can save countless amounts of time, pay for hardware once, never have to buy again, and get access to an incredible list of virtual experiences, one question remains – why wouldn’t you?

When you realise that fitness can be just as effective in a virtual world well, you’ll be more tempted to keep it up than ever before. And if you haven’t already heard of ICAROS then they’re the people to thank. If you have heard of ICAROS then you’ll be excited yet again to hear of another immersive, enriching and alternative VR experience. With breathtaking digital flight potential, breathtaking alpine scenery in a breathtaking virtual world… safe to say ICAROS Engadin is said to be breathtaking. In short, you explore scenery in virtual reality using one of ICAROS’ many hardware machines.

Some of you may be thinking… where does the fitness aspect come in? Well, with core strength development, calorie burning, holistic flexibility advancements, and more, you can be sure that simply using your body, controlling a virtual avatar, and experiencing these exergames is a great way to workout.

Let’s find out exactly how this plays out.

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  • Photo-realistic art assets
  • Expansive nav-mesh (large play area)
  • Low Ping responsiveness
  • Multi-Device Compatability
  • 3D lighting
  • Headtracking
ICAROS Pro Commercial Virtual Reality Fitness Equipment - engadin wingsuit


Sprawling map

A grand map size for you to explore. In cooperation with 3d reality maps, you get an accurate portrayal of the region, complete with towns and mountain peaks alike. From a spectacular vertical free fall to cruising over villages, explore the entire region as you like.

Incredibly detailed and accurate scenery

ICAROS boasts brilliant scenery fidelity, and while I wasn’t convinced beforehand, after playing it, I loved every detail. With an accurate portrayal of space, the only thing left is graphics, and they’re absolutely brilliant in immersing me in the landscape. It only helps my motivation further to be truly gripped by the visual experience I’m having, and to accompany that visual experience, a solid haptic and kinetic feel, from the hardware and head tracking response, makes this one a memorable exergame.


Given that replayability is a massive part of the life span of games, I’m pleased to announce that this game can be replayed over and over without getting bored. Because the experience feels so realistic, every ride feels fresh. Just like the want to explore underwater worlds and have an intense workout at once, Engadin really helps me work out repeatedly, and have fun consistently. Some of the games feel a little limited, but relatively speaking, this exergame has a lot more replayability.

Dynamic exploration

From the breathtaking flight, experiencing amazing scenery from high up, to low sweeps of the ground, you get to experience at your own pace, in your own way. Perfect body control means brilliant responsiveness from the machine to your movements. While this game isn’t one that requires perfect body control, the complete exercise software really benefits from more varied movements, just as your body does, of course. In short, you get to discover locations with info however you want to. This experience was built for you after all.

In-Game modes

You get the choice of experiencing this in the first person or third person. While these aren’t really game modes, they do make a big difference in how you experience the scenery. With the third person taking a more game-like feel, and first-person feeling far more in-the-action, you really can manipulate how this experience works for you, and the way this personalisation feeds into your fitness motivation is vital also.

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Overall Verdict:

In conclusion, this one’s my favourite as far as beauty in scenery is concerned. ICAROS has done a great job in helping to portray the landscape with fidelity and retail in mind. From a beautiful glacier landscape to the immersion that different gaming modes provide, this one really feels like yours – to explore, to discover, and to workout to.

The two gaming modes are great, and I like the fact that you don’t need to limit yourself up to three minutes – endlessly relaxing or rigorously enduring, the choice is yours. Virtual worlds like this hit home, and I have to say, before playing this exergame, I wasn’t convinced on the form or style of hardware accompaniment, but those worries are long gone now I’ve experienced ENGADIN.

What I Liked About This VR Software

The main thing I enjoyed is that this felt like a super realistic version of the Dolomites, a lesser exploration game in my opinion. The graphics were way better, the feel was far superior and my want to replay much greater. This is mainly down to the following, ”In cooperation with 3D Reality Maps, we have updated our Experience ENGADIN to an ultra-realistic VR-Experience in which you can explore the amazing scenery of the Swiss Alps in every detail by virtually flying through it on the ICAROS.” True words from the very company’s website.

Another element that makes this one of my favourite entertaining active VR experiences is that because I’m more involved in the scene, I don’t think about my core strength as much. Some of you may be thinking, ‘what? isn’t that bad?’ No, my body trains core stability, not my mind (Hear me out). In reality, the less I’m conscious of what health benefit I’m having on my body, the less the perception that they’re grating me down. Sure, I can feel when a muscle group burns, or feel a little tired, but the power of being distracted by entertainment in this regard… well, you have to experience it yourself.

Things That Could Have Been Better

Very simple… I’d love some more interactivity. Virtual worlds, real landscapes – they’re brilliant for immersion, but to truly connect to a scene, to really feel the power of the gasification of fitness, I want to be able to interact a little more. While there are plenty of games to help with that, these exploration exergames are just a little lacking with that side of things. I don’t think this is a major drawback; the experience is designed as it is for a reason – if you want to explore a fascinating under water world then you can, that’s the point. But if you want to take control of interaction more, then you may have to look elsewhere. I also think this lack of interaction is a missed opportunity for an intense workout improvement. Small minigames or challenges that encourage certain movements, higher levels of endurance, and so on really help here.


Will virtual reality improve?

Absolutely. VR experiences will improve time and time again, and your connection and motivation, especially your doubts (if you have any) will all improve with it. It’s only a matter of time before you really feel like you’re in a glacier landscape, instead of partially believing.

Are the other ICAROS games (exergames) like this?

Some are, but others aren’t. You’ll find exploration exergames and more arcade-like games on the app, for you to play, whoever you feel like it. Just download the app to experience the breadth of game design inherent to ICAROS’ ethos.

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